Monday, 31 August 2015

Monday 31st August

Luke, Seren and I took a walk down and up the hills to Itaewon main road - it was very surprising to me to find how close we are to it. It was very hot though but great to find our way in the winding streets and apartment complexes that make up this part of Itaewon known as Itaewon villa. We found a little shop where I bought some light weight tops and a very light weight long machine knitted jersey. Here are a few pics of the neighbourhood.

Very close to home, we stumbled across this shrine moved here from Namsan National Park,( the park we go to close to here) in the early 20th century when the Japanese wanted to do military operations in the Park.

What ones sees from the shrine - interesting - signs made it clear this was a sacred space
so please do not bring your dogs here!!

A couple of chooks in a hock below the shrine. 

Luke took a panaramic view which I think has concetinoed!!

Seoul tower in the background. It lights up different colours at night
 indicating the level of pollution in the air!! Like our shark flags!!!

Another little park opposite the shrine

Motorbike casually parked outside complex. - love the little 'cage' for a small doggie under the seat!! 

Mish mash of wiring again - never ceases to astonish me!

Meditation centre just around the complex - watch this space - see the poster below announcing grand opening!

Novel way to keep car cool!

I had a skype call with Kathleen this morning (Californian sister) whose husband Richard suggested that we set up a time for the four sisters on four different continents to have a skype chat. We figured it originates in SF at 11.30 pm, Beulah takes it at 8.30 am, and Fay, in Hobart, Aus and I take it at 4.30 and 3.30 pm respectively!! Brilliant - a great idea as Fay is still not able to speak since her stroke 7 years ago.....

I then called Fay and her husband Rudd which was wonderful - I had not figured out that the time difference was so little

For those of you who know Beulah in Durban - we are overjoyed to say that the tumours are responding to this latest round of very virulent chemo and have reduced significantly - even dying the oncologist says - the other news is that she has sold her flat in Durban - a cash sale noggal and moves into Eden Gardens retirement home at the end of this month. So all good on that front. My John is doing really well -

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