Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday 26th August

Today Luke, Seren and i went for a long walk down thro Itaewon to the main road. We went past Swing Park and instead of continuing down the hill passed the Waffle Shop, I suggested we walk straight along a relatively flat road , guessing that if we eventually made a right we would come out at the big plastic poop bag dog! Well yay for my sense of direction as that is exactly what happened.  I am going to relate the rest of the day hro the captions on the pictures.
A little shop we pass on the way to the Swing Park - no apparent indication of what its business is...

We popped into see this place that advertised a swimming pool. This is on the second floor - shades of our aqua class in
 Fish hoek! Luke plans to come and train here - cos s about R 800 a month and the pool is oene 24 / 7...

I was right we came out on this road - so the hole under mister doggies tail supplies poop bags!!!

I loved this indoor tree with its frilly net and satin tutu - at the pool entrance 

We walked over the main road on our way to the War Memorial Museum - that is North Seoul mast on the skyline - we took the cable car up to it on Saturday. Our apartment complex is away  to the right in the greenery - we'd walked some distance!!

Seren and me walking on the cycle track on the way to the Museum. The main road is to the left.
We were actually walking in the opposite direction to get there.
The American Military base is on either side of the road so there were quite a few Korean police along the track.

The main entrance to the Museum

A replica of a plinth with abiut 1700 Chinese characters depicitng the story of
one of the Korean emperors from, I think the 4th century. 

Seren got so excited when she saw these fountains

A group of preschoolers having their lunch from their identical snack packs.

We then went and found a place to eat and to feed Seren. On the way back, we saw their bags and the mats carefully stacked on the benches and left unattended while I guess, they were all inside the museum.
Wow - have we ever got a way to go in the trust stakes!!!

A very poignant memorial depicting a soldier meeting his younger brother who was from the other side, that is,
 they were fighting on different sides. The crack represents the split between North and South Korea
and the hope that they will reconcile eventually. 

It was too late for us to actually enter the Museum as we had to back at the complex to meet Morgan's school bus. We plan to come back again soon - by bus next time! So we caught the bus home. Here are Luke and Seren in a special space allocated to prams and I guess wheel chairs.  Once again everyone was mesmorised by little Miss blue eyes!!

The ride cost me 400 wan - about R4 as I had a metro card. Luke paid R10 cash.
 We were not sure if he could pay cash so we phoned this number - 1330 - which is answered by some one
who speaks English and one can ask her/him any transport related questions!! Sooooo organised....

So definitely an easy option to travel by bus particularly with Seren as she is safe in her pram while in a taxi, unless we take her seat belt and all the trappings to attach it, we would have to hold her - not a good idea!
Altho the car seat does fit onto the pram but she does not get as good a view!

Luke took this pic of a meditation centre opening very close to us - I am definitely going to check it out!!

So a great day - quite a bit of walking and my feet complained some when we got home. Seren had a good sleep so I had a little snooze and wrote this blog. Luke and Morgan had the usual run around with Max, Oscar and Greta  - all racing each other on scooters. They came to our place afterwards - I had given Seren her supper by then and decided to take her for a walk along the road before her bath. I had Jose, their nanny, Oscar and Greta watching her bath and wanting to put all sorts of things in her bath. 

Things started getting a bit hectic but Luke said firmly - Ok - time to go home now and off they went!!

I really like Seoul - or what i have experienced thus far - I love the way things are grown in all sorts of places and the pumpkin creepers ride up the electric wires!! I love the cleanliness and the orderliness. More later as Luke is heading out to cycle, Mel is not back from work and Morgan needs a last story...... and one more and then just one more Nana!!!

Here's a great example of efficient and practical - three ladies weeding while sitting on layers of foam type cushions strapped onto a little skate board type platform on wheels which they puled around as they moved to the next clump of weeds!! - also look at how protected they are from the sun!

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