Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thursday 13th August

Well - they  the famous they.... say pride comes before a fall and so it did!!  I continued to moulee meals for Seren. I had not cooked the sweet potato enough so it all got a bit gooey and stuck so what does miss smart gal do - stick my left forefinger into the plunger to dislodge the stuck pieces while inadvertently - read un-mindfully pressing the go button with my right hand!!! So yikes!!! I grabbed my finger and squeezed as tightly as I could, then went straight to Luke who was catching a few zzz's as both children were asleep, tapped him on the shoulder and said "I need your help now!!" We had just a few plasters - what is left after Morgan has dressed yet another owee!! So we used wet wipes, of which we have an endless supply, and sticky tape!    I had a very oweeeee night trying to sleep with my finger raised and pointing to the ceiling. Luke found some paracetamol which I took every two hours during the night. The next day he brought back some micropore and another very smart type of dressing - like a plastic second skin. I, in the meantime, found some myprodol which was far more effective. Of course all Seren wanted to do was grab this very tempting fat white digit that kept on appearing before her eyes and usually within arm's reach!!! Anyway there are three cuts. The blades missed my nail thank goodness and all is looking and feeling much better now. It throbbed so because we had wrapped it very tightly to stop the bleeding. So - long story to explain why there were no blogs - too owee!!!

But now its on the mend - Morgan said" Don't worry nana it will get better because daddy has put a bandage on it..." My learning - stay focussed and in each moment!!

Morgan, Luke and Mel went to the orientation day at Morgan's new school on Wednesday. I love it - Morgan was in the sandpit busy building, when her teacher asked what she was building, adding is it a castle. No! says Morgan - its a volcano!! She went off with Luke today for her first full day. See the pic below that the school sent Luke and Mel during the morning, and then the report written in Morgan's daily blue book which is how the teachers communicate with the parents as so many children have drivers or travel on the school bus.

Morgan doing butterfly puzzle

Report from the first day

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