Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Wednesday 19th August

Well I started this post yesterday but only got as far as the date!!!

So its now Wednesday - Mel has driven herself to work, Morgan has caught the bus to school. Seren has had her breakfast and is now fast asleep having her morning nap, Luke is also catching a few zzzz's. I woke up at 7.42 so feel very chirpy with hopefully a good hour to put down my thoughts!

Yesterday was a different day - one of domesticity, which has never been  a strong point and indeed nor a favourite of mine.  We decided to turn off the AC's and open up all the windows instead - created quite a nice through draft as there was a soft breeze outside.  Luke went off to meet Mel to do some shopping at Cosco - yep, of course there is  Cosco here!! and of course they loved it and became members - not a big deal as like Macro one can't shop there without signing up,  I decided to tackle the ironing so set up the board in front of the open window - all have fly screens on them of course - one fly in the house is a major event!! I caught that one fly using Jennifer's technique and released it out the front door. I strap Seren in her pram when I need to move from room to room so she can be with me all the time! I set up the board and clothes horse with the rapidly mounting pile of clothes needing ironing and got to work! Of course its hard to make mistakes with this wonderful iron but even so I was very nervous of ruining a favourite blouse!! I practiced on my own things first!! So with Seren playing on the floor in front of me, I got to wukk!! It was amazingly pleasant and extremely satisfying seeing the pile getting smaller - and the beautifully ready to wear clothes hanging from the horse! The crown was when a neighbour started playing the piano - across the street - it gave a good feeling of being in a hood!!- a friendly family community type neighbourhood.......

At some point the doorbell rang and there was Max shortly followed by Oscar, the Swiss children from upstairs, wanting me to come and catch butterflies with them! I declined and invited them to play in Morgan's tent which they declined. No doubt there is not enough interesting toys for them - the container is due to arrive on 2nd Sept and will take another 5 days to clear and be delivered.

So a peaceful morning with once again new experiences for me!! Seren and I went for stroll in the garden and then popped into the road sticking in the shade where we could. It was 35 degrees outside yesterday. Seren's complexion is definitely changing - she is far more tan coloured now although of course it could ingrained carrots and  tomato and cheese sauce!!

I am looking forward to the Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace which is the only chance one can walk around in the palace at night. The tour takes place on the days of full moon. We have booked two tickets but it turns out Luke has something on that evening so Mel will be home with the girls. I have asked Mark an American chap I met at Shambhala on Sunday if he would like to join me.  

Mel is keen for Luke and me to find things to do together in the morning once Seren wakes up - Luke and I are both a bit sit on our backsides when it comes to this - Sue Owen we need you here!! So we have agreed to plan our week - and let Mel know when we will need the car - she is happy to get to work by taxi but it makes no sense paying about R 250 a day on a taxi if the car has has sat in the car park all day!! Luke got the tyre repaired yesterday so it's good to go!!

Yesterday Luke and Morgan walked to the shops at the bottom of mount Kilimanjaro - that is what it feels like to me!! - to get an ice cream - she wearing her new hat and sandals bought at Cosco's. See the pics. So I could down load them but here are a couple of others!!! Madam is awake so must away!! Slim chance that Luke will wake up first and get to her but she's still gurgling.....

random shot of office buildings taken from the car
Luke showed me what I was doing wrong - so lets have another shot!!

entrance to complex
Seren and Pru in garden on Beulah's baby quilt

Seren and me in the street mirror - the only flat street in background!

Luke and I just got back from a two hour walk/outing  - 4500 steps down and up to Itaewon main road. I found some great patterned lose trousers for the princely sum of R45!!! Hopefully they will e cool as well as crease resistant!! The pics say it all  - very laid back  little shops and eating and drinking places. Not that many people strolling around -many of the places only open after noon.

There is a sign that says Poop box on the left of this dog - not sure if you lift his tail to put your poop inside!!!

This truck was parked at this crazy angle while the guys were attaching artificial ivy creepers to the building! 

See the chap in the basket on the left; the other on the ladder on the right - talk about first world issues!
Do look at the mish mash of electrical wiring!! All working and legal!! 
Luke pushing Seren up a hill - on the left is a super park - all 5 mins walk from home
Swing park or Itaewon park

Entrance from the top of the road

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