Sunday, 2 August 2015

Monday 3rd August

Well we got off to a great start this morning - well most of us!! 

I had Morgan's monitor last night so that Mel could get a good night's sleep before starting her job today. Well I went through a couple of times to Morgan - just to settle her as she was dreaming - nothing serious as she never actually woke up but at 6.15 I heard her, went through  and again she was fast asleep but Mel was sleeping on the couch in the lounge! She is taking time to get used to the new bed - its much narrower than their own bed.

Anyway I went back to sleep and then heard Mel leave at about 7.15 to find a taxi. Luke came through and said we needed to wake up Morgan. Morgan and I were then preparing to watch Nursery Rhymes on my PC when I spotted the little guy from upstairs outside with his mom. They had just waived the dad goodbye. Anyway Luke then persuaded Morgan to go out and meet the little guy. The next thing they were running off to the swings. I got dressed and went out with Seren. It was lovely - not too hot and the perfect way to start the day. Jane, the mom is German. Her husband works at the Embassy, Their son, Jan is 18 mths old. They have been here for a year and have another three to go- she is having another baby in 6 mths time. Morgan and Jan had a great time on the slide and then pushed off around the corner. I came back inside to give Seren her brekkie - she LOVES her food - noshes it down as fast as I can shovel it in!!!

Morgan and Jan had a great old game running in and out of the puddles - the same one from yesterday's mishap!!! Apparently there is a Swiss couple with a 3 year old and a couple of other little ones in the complex. Jane says they all hang out at the swings, slide and sandpit most mornings. A much better way for Morgan to start her day than watching TV. Right now Seren is having her morning nap and Luke is catching some shut eye! Morgan had a great breakfast- dry cereal, banana which she cut up, apple pieces, raisins and yoghurt. So far so very good!!! 

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