Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday 10th August

What a great night - well for me that is - not sure what went on with Luke and Mel and Seren - but Morgan slept through - not a stir - she generally does not get up but she is disturbed or cries out in her sleep and as I  hear her, I get up to check on her, often without even going into her room. Most nights I keep her monitor in my room. So this morning I slept in as Luke had the two girls in the lounge with him first thing. Later I heard Jan the 18 month upstairs running around and I pointed the sound out to Morgan who immediately wanted to go and play with him.  We have not been up to their apartment before - anyway she and I went up and knocked tentatively on the door - Jane opened it after a time - she wasn't sure she had heard something - Morgan burst into their home while I asked if she could come and play as we had heard Jan running around and knew they were up - I also knew Alex her husband had already left for work. They tend to play in the garden from about 7.30 for an hour when he leaves as it is cool then. Well Jan and Morgan had a wonderful time playing in his room which has all sorts of wonderfully interesting toys and bikes, planes and cars in it - certainly compared to the sparseness of Morgan's toys at this stage - the container has yet to arrive! Jan was going to school at 9.30 so we went downstairs to wait for the school bus that was going to fetch him. Morgan and Jan continued to play on the motor bike and scooter and kick the football around - all courtesy of some other family in the apartment. They also had a round on the swings and in the sandpit before he left - strapped in next to a little African child. He was not too happy about it all but i m=am sure settled down soon enough. Morgan starts school on Wednesday.

Later in the morning, Luke, the girls and I went in the car to Namsam National Park which is about ten minutes walk from the apartment - no way though I could attempt it on these hills - would battle to push the pram up and be hard pressed to control it on the way down!! Luke dropped me and seren off while he and Morgan went off to park the car. I found the children's play area and found a good seat on a log and fed Seren her lunch as it was 12 noon by now and her little clock keeps very accurate time!!! There is so much for the children to do - maizes, little houses on stilts to explore, an A frame tent for the children to rest in in the shade with books left for them to look at - see the pic. What a wonderful example of an honour system at work. Also knotted ropes attached to the trunks of trees fo the children to pull themselves up the slope, and a pile of sticks and logs which they can make houses or teepee type homes!!
A gentle swing Seren and I enjoyed
Luke and Morgan building with the sticks - see thro the tent
Ropes to pull oneself up the hill

Seren on the floor of the tent, having a look at some of the books

Reading to Seren and Morgan

After playing we went to the restaurant - in fact the same one that Luke and I went to the first time I left the apartment. So her are some pics of us there - fairly good pizzas had by all - Luke wanted Tabasco and ended up showing the waiter a picture of it on his I pad!!

Luke and Morgan before our pizza arrived


The restaurant garden

A hot little Seren

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  1. I can see you are enjoying what is in effect a first world country in terms of amenities, and with Asian ethics to boot!