Saturday, 1 August 2015

Wednesday 29th July

The letting agent and Min the woman who had organised everything popped over to check on us and to explain how everything works. The place is fitted out with the essentials – 4 of everything in the crockery line, toaster, kettle, pots, pans, cutlery etc.  Mel had hired linen, beds, lamps, pedestals, couches, TV and a dining room table and four chairs. There is a fridge freeze, dish washer and a walking talking washing machine/drier which also has an ironing cycle!!. We started the task of unpacking and making a shopping list. Mel went off on her own to do a food essentials shop and came back laden. She and Luke then went out again as there was so much that Mel could not manage. That meant that I had my first stint alone with the children – all good especially as one of them was asleep most of the time.  The apartment block has twelve units on three floors, with two entrances on the ground floor giving access to two apartments on each floor. In the afternoon I took Seren for a walk in her pram. We walked around the block – it’s not easy as the block is on a steep hill. So I turned left onto a level road with 2 or 3 level apartments on either side. I then went up a steep road for a block, before turning right and right again to get home. There are many plants growing in pot plants outside the buildings which for the most part, open directly onto the street. A sign told people not to let their dogs shit here!, requesting that people place their dog shit in the bins provided!! I was interested to see that the electricity cables were similar to those in Kathmandu, with endless wires and coils everywhere – reminiscent of township wiring!!I One can see that the winters must be extreme as there is double glazing on all the windows and two doors into buildings to enable one to be out of the elements before actually entering the building. 

I engaged with a couple of older people, who were very interested in Seren, wanting to know if she was “man”!! and how old… very friendly. The younger people on the other hand, did not look at me, in fact actively averted their eyes – maybe a sign of respect??? It is really hot and humid here!! What a pleasure after the cold we were experiencing in Cape Town.  There are air conditioning units in each of the rooms. I did not sleep that well on the first night while mine was on, so I turned it off the next day which resulted in a better night’s sleep


  1. So interesting! Does the washer/drier do the folding and mending? And are the children blonde enough that all the grannies ooh and aah?

  2. Well not quite!!! sadly and nope children are dark - Morgan any way Seren going that way but with huge blue eyes which get comments!!! Is this Bugs??