Saturday, 1 August 2015

Tuesday 28th July

We arrived in Seoul at about 5 pm local time. There is a 7 hour time difference so it was late morning on our clocks. Once again the mule packs got into motion. Quite a mission, as it also involved going down escalators and catching a train!!  Morgan tried the escalator bear feet and poor Luke had to somehow lift her while balancing/carrying half a dozen bags!!! Then Morgan didn’t want to get off the train and we had visions of the doors closing, and her and me with Seren, being carried off to the next station. Probably could not have happened as once we were out the carriage, the doors closed and then opened on the other side to allow passengers on the opposite platform to get it! Anyway an anxious moment! We finally checked through immigration without having to wait in line as Luke pulled the “where is the special check in for children” place!   Once again Mel handled it all – we even had our temperatures taken to be sure we were not bearing MERS. Finally we found our luggage and now had to move in stages as we could not manage it all at one go!! The drivers were waiting for us with two vehicles which we managed to fit into – me in the back of a smart back car between Morgan and Seren strapped in their car seats and Mel in the front with the driver. Luke travelled with the bags. Seoul could not have been more different from our landing in Kathmandu – very modern, very clean, very organised, well sign posted in Korean and English and no one hawking and spitting every few moments!!! There were even flowers – petunias and others hanging in baskets from the lamp posts.

Both children fell asleep on the way home – I found myself dozing as well as it took us about an hour to get to the apartment. What a welcome sight. I waited in the car with sleeping Seren while the bags were unloaded into Luke and Mel’s ground floor apartment. It is a really comfortable and roomy home – all on one floor, with three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open plan spacious lounge and dining room and a fourth room which Luke has bagged for his cycling gear! There are also two store rooms beneath the apartment. Another big plus is that there is a garden with swings and a climbing wendy house with a slide. We also discovered a covered sand pit which we think belongs to a German couple with an 18month old son, who live above us. The first night was hard as the children were on different time clocks and in a strange place – we were also very tired. Morgan was awake for at least two hours in the middle of the night – wanting to play and chat and explore!!! Luke was sent out to find us some well-earned vino and take-aways to celebrate our arrival and their first night in their new home and country.

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