Sunday, 30 August 2015

Friday 28th August

I planned on spending the day chilling at home - and in fact told Luke that he should take Seren out (on foot) and leave me to have a midday to myself! So he set off and I settled down to nap and to finish my book when suddenly he burst in the door with a very distressed Seren. He had picked up the pram to go down some stairs and the bar he was holding to carry the pram came away from the pram and she tumbled out of the straps that were only around her waist. I don't know who was more upset. Anyway we settled her and waited a good half hour before she went to sleep. Well she was and is fine - no doubt babies are a lot more resilient that we think! She has a little bruise on her leg and that's all .... but very scary all the same.

The German couple upstairs held a German braai in the evening - it had rained pretty heavily during the day soaking the tables and benches he had delivered on Thursday. But the same came out and dried up all the rain!!  A great time was had by all - everyone in the complex had been invited as well as many folk from the German embassy where Alex works. The children had a ball on the scooters, skate boards, in the paddling pool Alex set up and playing throwing games.
Swiss Oscar in the pool within a pool!

Max dry - Oscar, Greta, his sister, and Morgan 
Great abd Morgan with Oscar looking on

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