Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Thursday 27th August

Its interesting this feeling of peace - of being at one with the world - what does that mean - to be at one with the world - does it mean to be calm , to be contented, to be satisfied, to be accepting of what is - what ever that is might be?? Seren is alseep, Luke is out cycling, Morgan is at school, Mel is at work. John is asleep - or maybe not?? Josh and KL are together. Nancy, a different helper, is cleaning the house. I have caught up on my emails, sip a cup of tea, eat a chocolate cake shaped like a log from a place called Coffeesmith which Luke brought me on his way back from doing some errands with Mel - I was reading the novel on the I pad I am using and I started pondering...

I have absolutely no concerns - nothing that demands my time or attention other than that which is immediately here - I have Seren's monitor next to me and I probably have 10 more minutes before she stirs - such is the nature of her clock and daily rhythym. How fortunate to be in this place and space - I am completely in this moment. My tummy is full, my body is obedient, my mind is not playing monkey tricks of racing all over the show. Every so often I remember some one who needs something or to whom I offered help in some way and I think - I will get to that/her when I get to her - there is this sense of spaciousness, of no rush, of no pressure. So I thank Luke and Mel for this gift, for this time of reflection, of perspective and of course , certainly, this time of totally new experiences which I am having on the back drop of the security and comfort of family. I think this is what is so different about this time in the East compared to last years experience in Nepal and Kathmandu.

I am so grateful for these times in Asia - its amazing that a few years ago I attended a writers course/workshop In Cape Town and one of the practices we did was to make up a collage of our lives - who we are, what we have done,  and what we would still like to do and I had a big section on travel and experiencing the East and here I am - really against all odds - as there is no way I could have budgeted for this but it has all happened anyway - plus my incredible time at the Shambhala centre in Vermont, my stay with Nancy in New York and our holiday with Kathleen and Richard in California in 2013. Extraordinary - so get this - there is no doubt in my mind that I am supported by something even if it is my own energy coming back to me...!!!

So this evening I meet Mark an American literature professor whom I met at the Shambhala centre here a couple of weeks ago. We are going on a moonlight tour of one of the palaces here. Luke has something he needs to do and Mel will be home with the children so sadly one of them cannot avail themselves of the second ticket. Should be fun.

Whoops - madam is stirring so I will post these ramblings. With love to all of you. Thank you Seren for this gift of time .......

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