Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday 25th August

Well talk about a delightful day in a delightful community!! Jane from upstairs has lent us a high chair for Seren. She is a having their second child in January, I think it is and Jan is no longer using it. So I thanked her as it has made feeding Seren much easier. Julia, Max’s mom, then asked if we needed some toys while we waited for everything to arrive. Anyway no sooner said than done – she arrived about half an hour later laden with puzzles, books, games, crayons, cards, magic slate, duplo and blocks! Wow – so I spent a very happy couple of hours re-organising Morgan’s room to accommodate it all.
New duplo, blocks, games, books where Morgan's bed used to be

Her bed now faces the door with the angel monitor, star reflecting machine and bedside lamp on the pedestal behind her head board, plus the white  adult chair peeping out ready to be moved next to the bed for story telling time.

The tent and Morgan playing with the magic slate under the window - note the beautiful pride of India bush outside
So when Luke met the bus, Morgan went off to play with Greta, Max's 3 yr old sister who live on the 3rd floor. He left her there with Jose, their nanny.  She made a bee line for Max's room but soon joined Greta in her room. Max and Oscar arrived about an hour later and Luke went up to see how she was. It was drizzling a bit and Luke, Morgan and the two boys had a wonderful time playing in the garden in the drizzle - I heard shrieks and shouts and whoops of delight. Then the next thing they all descended on our house and Luke offered them chicken nuggets and chips. Once again the pics say it all. But it was wonderful having a room full of children - all be it by this time watching Paw Patrol!!!  Oscar was funny though - Julia decided not to ask her children if minded if Morgan had some of their toys for a while and he walked into her room and said - I have a puzzle like this and like that and  the same book in my room.....I didn't let on...!! 

From the left - Oscar (4 1/2) Greta (3), Morgan on the floor with Max , Seren with Jose, Luke in the back ground

Jose and Morgan sitting on couches - rest the same!

Morgan was delighted with her new look room! The children left soon after I took Sere off to bath - what a happy afternoon!!

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