Sunday, 23 August 2015

Saturday 22nd August - in the afternoon

So having had a wonderful time at the pools, Morgan had a good midday nap and Seren seemed chirpy so we decided to set off for the "Bua Haus" - a restaurant where there are bunches of friendly dogs on tap for dog hungry Koreans or foreigners missing their pets back home!! Mel found it on the internet - there is also a cat restaurant!! So after a brief - should we or shouldn't we do this, we set off at about 4.45 - really too late in terms of Seren's schedule but we wanted to see the place and mingle with the doggies... Also it didn't appear on the map to be that faraway.... WRONG! The traffic was a nightmare - even more so than usual with every Seoul-ean out for a Sat drive!  When we finally found the neighbourhood, we could n't find parking, so eventually Luke dropped us off in a side street so we could continue on foot while he found somewhere to leave the car. We finally found the place after asking three different people who happily looked at the address and details that Mel showed them on her phone. In fact the last lady walked back the way she had come and pointed it out to us after a couple of blocks. There was no entrance fee but you have to order something to drink and we had to wait until a table became vacant. Seren by now was pretty tired and of course continues to be the centre of attention as people stop in the street to touch her and jiggle their fingers at her or comment on her in loud excited voices!!  I will post the pics as they tell it all - as Mel titled it in face book Chaos at Bau Haus!! One thing - as I pushed the pram into the main area where all the gods were, I was mobbed by the bigger dogs who could smell Seren's food in the seat and every where else. She is usually fed in the pram as the high chair is still on its way.

Waiting at the entrance gate to greet us!

Morgan very taken

and more!!

All shapes and sizes!!

Seren vibrating and shivering with delight!

A general pic of the whole scenario!!

Me and the pram getting the once over!!

A happy Seren

Waiting to be let in - note the lady in her short shorts in the back ground - as long as there is boob showing!!
The drive home was a nightmare trying to keep her amused - very difficult as she was not only overtired but was very hot as well as by the time we had walked for ever to find the car and then negotiated the traffic it was way past her dinner and bath time!! Interesting... but I doubt whether we will repeat the exercise especially as the dogs misbehaved when Morgan tried o give them treats!!

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