Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday 2nd August

Incredibly we have been here for five nights - as usual it seems like much longer and the days have started rolling into each other. You got to love a place though that has the following written on the loo paper - Be happy.........Keep healthy.......Be wealthy........

It is pretty hot - well more muggy than hot - I took Seren for a walk again today and she was not a very happy camper while I was pushing her along the streets. Once we were back in the complex garden sitting on a bench under a tree, she was fine- I started dozing though which is not what the ideal nana should be doing while on duty!!

I find the air-conditioning tricky though. I am not a great fan of air conditioning at the best of times - I remember battling with it while we stayed with Mel and Luke in Lagos. Its not that high though and not noisy so I am sure I'll get used to it. The lack of air moving always bothers me so I need to talk to myself and not let it get to me. Today it blew a little which was very welcome. 

House hold goods and food stuffs are more expensive than home. Luke and Mel went to a mall yesterday and it took them 45 minutes to find the supermarket!!! I think a combination of being huge and communication difficulties. At this stage they have not found their way to the subway and get around by taxi - it is really steep here and impossible for me to take the pram out so I can't wait for the car and driver to kick in as I have yet to go out - I am relaxed though and am still enjoying just being herewith Morgan and Seren. Morgan is finding being copped up indoors quite challenging -not that she knows this of course but her energy levels are high and she pushes her luck a lot!! How about this though - the apartment has no keys. There is a combination lock on the front door  - the only door to outside - so one presses a button from the inside and the door opens (unless it is locked) and then to come inside - one slides up a flap type cover which covers a key board and one types in one's combination - in our case 2344. 

Well this morning Morgan and I went off to put the recycling bags in the bins in the yard - well I carried them all, while Morgan skipped along beside me.  Anyway when we got back to the flat, Morgan happily slid up the flap and typed in the numbers and opened the door before I could say or do anything!!! It was quite an eventful outing though - now if you are squeamish - skip the rest of this paragraph!! After dumping the trash, we decided to go around the back of the complex to the swings.On the way Morgan suddenly says what I thought was "wee wee". So I say no problem - lets just take off your panties and you can wee here on the drive way....well  - my mistake - she had actually said "poo poo"!!! Well that was it - me covered - her covered - clothes covered and not a wet wipe or tap in sight. It had rained last night so I washed my hands in a big puddle on the tarmac drive way, then washed Morgan down in the same puddle. She then proceeded to have a wonderful time splashing and running around barefoot, and nearly kaal gat, in her T shirt  in the puddle.... I did look  around at the windows overlooking us and wonder if any one was watching these mad westerners!! 

So Mel starts work tomorrow - I am pleased to say that she is far more rested than a few days ago - so it will then just be the two of us on duty! Morgan starts school on the 13th August. I must say that it is just as well the Luke is not working at the moment - I certainly would have found it very difficult to cope on my own. I have set up a play area for Morgan along the wall in the dining area. and each day I collect more bits and pieces of plastic and polystyrene to use as trays and containers for her play dough, painting activity, glueing and collage making, plus all the variations of sticker activities. I am hoping to set up a mini Montessori practical life area with pouring and spooning activities. She loves cleaning and drying and wiping so I will have to include some care of the environment activities as well!!!

I had a long skype chat with John earlier - what a pleasure - it felt as if he was in the next room!! He's is well - just trying to sort out the whirlwind that Mel and Luke left behind as they has to repack their bags to try to reduce their weight. So imagine what it would have cost had they not done this. Luke reckons they took out about 40 kgs which of course was left in the garage for John to deal with!!

Unfortunately Luke left Mel's phone in a taxi this afternoon -  not that it could be used but it had all sorts of information and of course photos in it.  I am still in faith that it will be handed in and Mel will get it back!!

Here is a picture of Morgan sprawled out in her "bed" on the first leg of the journey to Dubai! 

Will add more later. - night for now ......

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