Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Monday 24th August

So the morning poddled - Luke and I took the children to the Itaewon park in the afternoon - generally called Swing Park by Morgan and Luke  I am getting much braver at pushing the pram down the hills - three cheers for my stylish crocs that I am still wearing as they grip the surface well. The park was great - the pics will speak for them selves,  Luke and Morgan pushed off somewhere else  in a nearby exercise park!!

Unfortunately by the time I took the photo the crowd of women chatting in the shelter
and the two teenagers exercising on the swing platform had left!

Seren blissing out on the swing!!

Morgan and I enjoyed really tasty waffles and ice cream at this waffle shop near the park. Seren had her first taste of ice cream. She was fascinated by this doll just sitting on the back board outside the shop. One often sees something like this outside a shop with obviously no concern that it might not be there at the end of the day!!

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