Thursday, 6 August 2015

Wednesday 5th August

Well I had my first taste of a world other than the apartment and its surrounds!! 

Last night when Mel got back from work at about 6.30 or so, she suggested that Luke and I go out for a bite while she held the fort. So we set off at about 7.30 once the children were settled. It was beautifully warm – I was wearing ¾ pants and a short sleeved top – there was slight breeze to keep the air moving so it very pleasant. We decided to walk as far as I could manage and in fact ended up walking to the top of the famous hill (well famous in the Ramsey family!) towards the main road which is where the Grand Hyatt Hotel is.  We took a taxi from there to this really nice roof top restaurant, called Namsan Harvest. Unfortunately there were no tables on the roof top – another time…. So we walked to the Namsan Park across the way. 

What a super feeling to be roaming around a park at night and feel absolutely safe – there were quite a few people walking their dogs, all on leads, with the owners carrying the proverbial bag!! – we saw an enormous husky being taken for a walk – I felt for him in his very thick winter coat!!! I guess he looks forward to the apparently very cold winters. 

The park is fantastic with all sorts of exciting parts to it – we walked barefoot on a section which has different sized and textured pebbles and stones – it gives one a foot massage – I found it too uneven and not a pleasure but while we watched a chap came up, took off his shoes and walked slowly along the paved sections towards an exercise area with lots of different types of lifting and sitting arm and leg exercise machines. There were quite a few people using the machines – what I found interesting was that the area was not lit up – in fact was quite dark so there was no way one could be reading while exercising – I liked that  – when we exercise, we exercise!

We found a delightful place to eat – next to green green grass with Victorian type pillars in an alcove. Unfortunately the restaurant orders closed at 8.30 so we did not have dinner but enjoyed a really great draft beer called Santorini and shared a carrot cake, which was tasty but very “processed” looking  - not remotely like a SA version!! 

It was wonderful sitting in the open and just quietly chatting. There was a Korean family next to us with two really cute children – a boy and a girl who came and addressed us in English – heyo for hello!!! How are you… I am fine…..

Morgan has just joined me so I’ll stop for now. She wants to watch Rock a bye baby on my PC and wants to know which button she must press to do that!!!     “Nana Nana tell me, tell me – which button must I press – can I, can I??”
She just left again so I’ll continue – we walked all the way home – past little bars and restaurants which have about 3 – 4 tables in them, some spilling onto the pavement.For the most part, people don’t greet you as you pass. This is not the case if one has a child – then they are very friendly and try to engage with the child with a lot of patting on the head or the bottom!!

So my first outing – really good and made even more so because I was with Luke – this has been an unexpected spin off of this venture, namely having quality time with him and working together as a team with him as we co-ordinate taking care of Morgan and Seren. The last time I spent any time with him was in his gap year in 2001!!  Oops - she’s back….!


  1. Dear Prudence, you have gone out to play! I am so looking forward to following your Korean adventures. Take care of yourself. I am going to look you up on google maps so I have a visual image of where you are in the universe. Lots and lots of love.

  2. So lovely to read your blog and follow your adventures. Much Love, Pat and Mario