Saturday, 1 August 2015

Thursday 30th - Friday 31st July

We are settling in and hoping that the children are just about back into the usual rhythm of their days and nights. Luke and Mel went shopping again, by taxi again, as the car and driver kick in next week. They went to the immigration office on Friday. Their Korean documentation should be ready on the 14th August when they get their alien registration cards which means they are on the Korean system. They can then start applying for Memory’s visa, bank cards, phones etc.  We have been told it is advisable to drink bottled water, rather than even boiled water. This is not because of the Korean water but rather because the pipes in this building are old. We are in the district of Itaewon.

Seren’s cot was dropped off on Friday by the driver of Mel’s boss with whom she left it when she and Luke came out here a few weeks ago. Luke found two extra shelving units in their storage space, which Mel put into Morgan’s BIC to give her extra shelving. The cupboards have ample hanging space but limited shelves. Ultimately Morgan and Seren will share a room but for the moment Seren’s cot is in with Luke and Mel. My/Memory’s (their Zim nanny who will arrive in about three months, when I will leave), room is also large with a double bed, and plenty of room for a couch and a table/desk.  They intend to get her a computer so she can skype with her family. 
Luke has taken Morgan to the park on both days – quite a climb on foot as the roads are very steep and it’s hot, about 30 degrees C – and very humid. He ends up carrying her on his shoulders most of the way! It is well worth the effort though with all sorts of activities and adventures and places to explore – something she loves to do – like Dora the explorer on TV!  I am looking forward to seeing the park next week when we have the driver.  We were able to get on line almost immediately but do not have phones yet. One has to be registered as living here to get local phones.
So my first impressions of Seoul are really favourable. It seems like a quietly efficient place with well- oiled systems in place. The recycling has taken a while to get used to – there are huge fines if one leaves one’s trash in the wrong bags and in the street at the wrong time. One separates into plastic, paper, food and waste with the latter containing anything that animals cannot eat and of course nappies!! We empty our bags straight into the large bins at the back of the property. Morgan is already talking about reuse, separate and recycle! As expected the band width is incredibly fast so one can down load a movie in minutes!  I have already played quite a lot of bridge – not online but against myself. I brought my notes with me, so be warned, bridge gals and boy, that I intend to return sussed with new tricks and conventions up my sleeve!!!

Helping Luke and Mel with the children is pretty much full time with the wonderful advantage over parenthood, of being completely unrushed and in no hurry, with no need to be elsewhere or doing anything else, other than being with them – what a privilege. I am really enjoying getting to know Seren – she is gorgeous and such a good natured and happy baby. Smiles readily and responds without any reservations to everyone who engages with her! Morgan is as chatty and delightful as ever- yes I am completely biased and utterly in lurve with both of them!! She starts school at the International Baccalaureate School on the 13th August.

Mel starts work on Monday. It has been really good that she has had a few days to recover from all the travelling and to cook and freeze meals for the girls. Luke has been running a few times – it is quite an effort as he has to run up such a steep hill to get home. He ran at the park this evening and was delighted to see many cyclists there.  He should start cycling again next week.

Well I had better stop rambling. Much love from a happy family camper here in Seoul.

I am receiving emails on both my addresses namely and I will let you know when I have a phone and can receive whatsapp. Now to get this onto my blog!!! At least writing it is not stressful as it was in Nepal where I was working on my I phone and so often lost the text by deleting it!!!! Also the connectivity was so iffy, perched on my small camping fold away chair being chowed by mossies in the dark outside the head monks room which was the only spot that I could get online; add to that the dicey power supply – ah the joys of being in a first world country surrounded by my creature comforts, not to mention my family – well except for John of course!!!

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