Monday, 3 August 2015

Tuesday 4th Augus

So a moment of peacefulness - or rather absolute silence!! Luke took Morgan for a hike down the hill at bout 12 noon. They ended up having an ice lolly and then hit a pizza place where Morgan ate half a pizza - much to Luke's astonishment. She apparently charmed the pants off everyone in the restaurant - insisting on seeing how the pizza was made as well. She asked Luke to carry her home up the hill - he managed to divert her and she ended up walking all the way. Needless to say she is now fast asleep, as is Seren. Its just after 2 pm. 

Seren is an incredibly easy baby - just put her in her cot, hold her bottle in her mouth for a while until she wriggles, then put a dummy in her mouth, turn on the sheep that makes a whooshing white noise, cover her up and walk out and that's usually it until she starts gurgling and you know she's awake!! 

Now get this - Luke has gone off to fetch Mel's cell phone!!! Its sitting at the taxi headquarters waiting for him. So my faith was not misplaced!!! The apartment gate man had taken down the taxi's number when it dropped Luke off on Sunday and so they were able to track down the agency and so the phone!! The custom is to give the person a present of some kind - so Luke has to pick something up on the way. Wonderful!!

It seems that Mel has ordered a car so we should be able to get around soon - the problem about moving around is of course, the children's car seats. I don't have cabin fever so am not in a mad rush but it will be good to get out and see a little of this place!!

It is interesting living so minimalistically - especially for Luke and Mel!! They rented the bare essentials as I think I mentioned before but here is what that cost. - approx R 13200 for 2 months!! The 2 queen beds, a single bed and bed rails cost R 200 but the kitchen appliances, blender, vacuum cleaner, kettle, toaster, kitchen ware for 4 plus a few other items cost R 3700. They are hoping their container will arrive at the latest by the end of September.  Here's a pic of all the luggage we schlepped across on the plane!

We are all fine – I can’t believe that it is already a week since we left SA – I am doing really fine and so loving this time with the wee girls –there are times in the day when I find myself thinking – oh my word this is all I will be doing for the next so many weeks/months and the day feels as if it will never end and what will we do with ourselves and then a feeling of being in the moment and in the present kicks in and I think – well what else would I be doing – well here that is and its fine and I learn from the children – how they are in each moment as it comes around and do not concern themselves with the how or why or what of each passing moment and I think that is the way to be….. and how many of us have the opportunity or privilege to experience a time like this when there is no concern about "I should be doing or being this or that….!!"

So its a gift in many ways.It does concern me though being so far away, particularly from Beulah who is going through a very hefty cycle of chemo at the moment, from which she is experiencing some nasty side effects as the chemo gets to work on her healthy cells as well as the cancer cells. Graham her son flew in from Dubai to help her with putting her flat on the market and sorting out Eden Gardens, the retirement village two blocks down her road where she hopes to move. It seems with some luck she could have moved in by the end of September.  That will be incredible if she can. 

I had hoped to include some pics but will have to wait until Luke gets back to get me onto to the stream of pics which Mel took during the flight. 

We are eating well - a lot of sushi and some Korean type food - I am really beginning to enjoy it. 

So I am going to post this while I still have time to myself!! 

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  1. loving your blog. Jealous of the korean food and sushi. Keep having fun xx