Sunday, 16 August 2015

Monday 17th August

So a pretty rare moment of aloneness and quietness - Mel at work, Luke cycling, Morgan at school, Seren sleeping. It is a beautiful sunshiney day - blue skies and a soft breeze to relieve the temperature. I have just returned from a wee walk in the garden with Seren where we met 6 year old Max, his younger brother Oscar and Jose, their nanny from the Phillipines. They are German and got back yeaterday from their summer holiday at home. The children speak perfect English and Max was very chatty after we shook hands to greet each other. And wonder of wonders they have a 3 year old sister Greta born about 3 weeks after Morgan so hopefully they will become instant mates!! They go to a different school though. So this morning Morgan and I slept in - only rising at about 8am!! I got into her bed at about 5.15 or so as she was calling out and then wanted me to stay with her - a real treat as she usually wakes at about 6ish and we do some 'work' in my room - messing with pouring and spooning activities - I made the mistake of starting off with rice - not my brightest idea, then I added lentils - a little less all over the place - we have not been able to find bigger beans yet - hopefully today we will find butter beans.We also 'play' with the sand paper numbers and the short bead stair and count beads into bottle tops that I have been collecting to use as counters - lots of fun. She is really interested and so quick to grasp new concepts - hmm - enough.....

When Luke gets back and Seren wakes up, we plan to head out to the shops - I find I have not brought the correct clothing - need to get cooler short or no sleeved tops and more crease resistant soft pants.

Here are some pics of the children in the apartment garden.

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