Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tuesday 1st September

Goodness - its Tuesday already - as mum used to say - tempus fugit!! And so it does - but not dramatically just from each now moment to the next now moment time passes!

Today I feel a bit weary - Seren is asleep, Luke is out cycling, Morgan and Mel at wukk. My legs are a bit tired. All that up hill walking yesterday I guess. I have just caught up on yesterday so will continue later.

Mel caught a taxi to work so that we could have the car to gad to go to Lotte the large supermarket. Anyway we get Seren sorted, pram, nappy, wet wipes, extra dummy, bib, lunch, spoons, pram cover, - all check! car seat and get outside and realise that we forgot to get the keys from Mel!! Rethink - so we decide to head out on foot and catch a bus to the shops. We find the bus stop  - weird bus shelter/seat - see pic -, I board the bus ahead of Luke who lifts Seren in her pram only to find that the pram does not fit into the door way!! So second reset!! We were astonished as it goes against everything I would have expected from this place - anyway we ended up taking a stroll in Namsam National Park which is this huge wooded area near us - we had lunch then strolled under the shady trees, through a wild flower area - it was so restful and easy walking as it was along the contour so to speak!
Bus shelter!

Different angle - Luke and Seren checking out bus routes

Lunch in the park restaurant

Daddy's beer

Garden of wild flowers

Bikes etc locked to a resting place near the bridge over the freeway that leads to the park

Tiny coffee shop where we enjoyed ice cream and iced cuppachino

Luke and Seren on the small deck at the back of the little shop

Looking down from the deck

View from the deck - the Seoul mast peering up out of  Namsan park 

Seren flirting with her image in the mirror along the road from us )not sure if you can apen this 
I had a first today. I met Morgan off the bus as Luke was buggered after his ride and our walk!! Anyway she was fine and so was Blade her new scooter that went off to school with her this morning! Really my worst nightmare when I was teaching little ones - is a child bringing her toys to school and everyone else wanting them!! Anyway a little later we were doing a sticker activity and John's name came up in our conversation and she said, "John's in SimonsTown. He's waiting for you. When you're finished with me, then you can go back to him!"

So here we are in September already. Luke and Mel are settling in very well. Their container arrives on the 9th. In fact this afternoon Luke projected a world map onto the TV screen so we could show Morgan the route the ship carrying the container. We then watched Maersk U tube clips of cranes lifting containers onto and off ships. It was fun and good for her to get an idea of how her toys etc are getting here from South Africa. Luke is meeting a lot of people through his cycling and building up quite a network!

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