Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday 30th September

So today has been a case of "a woman;s work is never done...!!"The upside of course is how holier than thou one feels... certainly I do as I sit here with my feet up enjoying a cup of tea. Seren is asleep, Luke has just finished his cycling and has gone off to collect Morgan from her play date with Georgie. They are off school the whole week - Monday and Tuesday were pubic holidays but their school took the rest of the week.  We got a text from Katie, Georgia's mom to say that Morgan had taken herself off for an afternoon nap after lunch time - excellent as we were wondering if we should fetch her and she showed (again) that she can figure it out!!! Quite significant as Georgia does not have a nap in the afternoon.  Tomorrow Georgia (and her nanny) are coming here for the day (its the first time she has been here) and in fact Morgan's first official play date at home...and on Friday they are going out with Katie somewhere. I shall probably go as well. We'll see.

So Seren had a great nights sleep - I watched a movie last night. We had such fun. After I bathed Seren, Luke, Morgan and I went out for a pizza and pasta at hte bottom of the road at a place called Serious Deli. It was wonderful - lots of activity a with many pedestrians enjoying the evening. While we were sitting at our pavement table, Max, Oscar and Greta and their mom Julia came passed - big greetings...I really enjoyed my clam spaghetti - memories of being introduced to clam spags in the 70's by Richard, Kathleen's husband when John and I traveled in  California in a friend's camper van!!  Luke and Morgan shared a pizza, then off for ice cream at the 7 / 11 - they actually have magnums!! And then we ended up at Luke's favourite coffee shop where he had his coffee and Morgan had foam milk and sprinkles - see the pics!

Its a toss up between posting pics and getting more words down before Seren wakes!! So the words take priority. John and I have decided that this is not the right time for him to avail himself of Luke and Mel's generous thank you offer so he is not coming over just yet. Hopefully Memory is at the Korean embassy in Harare as I write so she could well be here next week some time.... YAY!! Its an interesting thing - like when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear - so now I find that as the time comes closer for Memory to arrive, I am more and more ready to return home and pick up my life again. Of course I will miss the children ad Luke and Mel as well. But I am ready for a rest and for some time again with John.  It feels very unreal to think of not being with the family full time and especially of course Seren as we have been joined at the hip for two months but this is what it is - I knew this day would come and am just so very grateful to have had this time - seeing where they live and who their friends are and what their neighbourhood is like. I am going to Morgan's school on Monday so will see that as well before I leave.

This morning Seren and I took out the garbage to the bins at the back of the complex and on the way back we spotted a huge, what I think was a type of bumble bee, drinking nectar from the wee purple flowers growing in the garden.It was astonishing and we watched it for a good few minutes. She definitely saw it and watched it- her whole body squirming with delight as it flew around. It was extraordinary - in fact very like a humming bird - with its wings flapping at an incredible rate as it suspended itself near each stem.I couldn't figure out how it was getting any nectar as it didn't go close enough to the flower and the I spotted a long black spindly probiscus - amazing - it was able to direct it into the flower centre and get what it needed and it did this for ages without tiring. What a special moment to share with the animal and with Seren! We certainly live in a wondrous universe on an even more wondrous planet....  

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