Friday, 4 September 2015

Saturday 5th September

So this time 34 years ago Mister and Missus Ramsey walked down the aisle together!!!  Actually we moved in together (skande!!)  6 years before that so that's a lot of time and much water under many bridges and we are still here and still happy to maintain the status quo!!

Talking about which - Luke and Mel have wondrously offered to bring John to visit as a way of saying thank you to us for my being here! So I am very excited - we have yet to work out the details about when and how - we have to find some one to look after the little back girl - Miss Loki - in SimonsTown first! Anyone want to kitty sit for a couple of weeks at the end of Sept or in Oct??

Luke and Mel's container arrives on Tuesday - much excitement and fear and trepidation - as they remember how much stuff is arriving!! So we have a busy week ahead of us.....

Today we planned to go out to the Botanical Gardens but it has been raining most of the day. Morgan got an invitation to play upstairs with Jan so thankfully has been hanging out there...

The other big news from here is that I might be able to get tickets for the finals of the Seoul womens tennis - WTA - it takes place at the end of September and looks like it has most of the big names -what a win - I am so excited. They are presently playing the tournament in NY city. - sorry no pics - am waiting for Luke's pics from last night!!!

So here they are....
Street scene - only pedestrians - 8.00 pm on a Friday night

The same street looking theo ther way!

Me and the coals before the grid was placed under the extractor - I thought it was a griller,
but am wrong - obviously the meat is cooked from underneath!!

Bath time with mum and dad

...... and again

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