Monday, 7 September 2015

Tuesday 9th September

Well today is DEE day!! - The furniture et all arrives this morning. Luke and I are sitting on the floor in my room - Mel is at work, Morgan at school and Seren thankfully asleep in her cot which is the only bit of furniture of their own that they had! So we are in the eye of the hurricane. The packers arrived promptly at 7 this morning and very efficiently packed up and took away all the furniture and household goods - kitchen, linen that Luke and Mel had hired in the meantime. They were finished by 9.30. Morgan and Seren had breakfast while the couches were still around. I then took the two of them upstairs to play with Jan until the school bus arrived. Jane. upstairs, had set up a travel cot for Seren to nap in but we decided to put her down in her own cot as she will probably wake up as the movers arrive at 10.30 - so here we are in a holding space for the moment!!!

Morgan feeling right at home upstairs with Jan and his dad Alex

Supper time with Jan and mom Jane!

Me writing this blog on the floor  in my room,while we wait for the eye of the hurricane to pass!!!
The guys packing up the rented stuff  - Luke is standing in the dining room area looking into the lounge

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