Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday 4th September

And so it goes - Luke and I set off with Seren this morning to catch the bus to the War memorial museum - well we had to walk quite a way before the number 3 green bus came along and when it did it was full so we had to wait for the next one! On arriving at the Museum we decided that there was now too little time to actually go inside so decided I would give Seren her lunch while Luke had a good look at all the war planes. Well - national emergency!! Between the two of us we had lost Seren's rather nice thermal lunch container so plan B kicked into place - gave her a rice biscuit and chilled only to have a hoard of chittering ladies descend on Seren  - see pics - what a celebrity she has become!!

Once again the centre of attention!!

We left soon afterwards so as to get home before Seren's tummy clock took over!!

Doing the splits on the bus 
                           Here's a pic of me and Morgan having a nana moment on nana's bed!

Luke and I went out this evening to have dinner - an early celebration of 34 years of marriage and 40 years of John and Pru together time!! We got married on 5th September 1981, 3 days before the memorable snow fall in Jhb! We walked down the hill to Iteawon main road and then a couple of streets up into this amazing area - pedestrian walkway with restaurants of every shape, size and variety. Such a incredibly relaxed vibe  people out strolling, enjoying the balmy evening - no loud behaviour - just very very civilised - lots of couples holding hands, many groups of 2 or 3 young woman chatting - there seemed to be far less preoccupation with cell phones as well - people were really engaging with each other -and once again I was quite taken aback by the vast amount of legs shown by so many of the women - everyone very comfortable with themselves it seemed to me.  We were told we had to wait 1/2 hour for a table so went off to a sports type bar for a beer - there were TV's all over the place and we saw the end of a NZ vs Eng rugby match - but from the 80's I reckon as Jomo Lomu was in it and also the crowds mobbed the players at the end!! 

Our table was right on the street. The fire is place in the middle of the table and the griller lowered onto the meat which the waitress places on the grid. - the pics tell it all! For those interested in prices - the evening cost 61 700 won - one does not tip here, so that is approx R 600 which included 3 Heinekens!

Great selection of veggies to compliment the beef and pork - some a little too spicy for me but I did at least try them!!

What a super evening - no doubt Luke and Mel will find their way down this hill many times in the next few years and could visit a different restaurant every time and still not run out of places to try!!

We walked home again afterwards - so close although of course up pretty steep hills. I can feel my body tightening from all this walking especially holding onto Seren's pram going down hill 

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