Monday, 7 September 2015

Sunday 6th September

Luke and I dropped Morgan off at a play date with Georgie who is the other South African child in her class. She lives in a lovely home not far from here - in fact walking distance away which is great as she could then get off the school bus with Georgie and Memory could walk over latre with Seren to fetch her. Luke said that the other day as he was walking home with her, he walked down a lane and then stopped and looked around. Morgan said - " are you lost daddy!!" He replied - I am not sure if this is the right way or if we must go that way. Morgan replied "that way daddy - silly daddy!!"" Much to the delight of a couple sitting on a tiny balcony above them who started laughing and told Luke "Best he listen to her...!!"

Morgan came home for a nap at lunch time then the four of them went back for a braai. I set off to meet up with mark who had tickets to a show at the national Museum. (see pics below). I was very proud of myself - I phoned 1330 the number one gets travel info from and did what I was told!! Caught the village bus from the Grande Hyatt up the road - Luke dropped me there - then  realised while onto the bus that I had not counted the number of bus stops. I asked them where the subway station was where I had to change buses. It turned out they were getting off there as well. They then headed me in the right direction to catch the city bus to the Museum - these are caught rather like our Mycity (sp??) buses in the middle of the road.  So all good and I arrived half an hour early and got chatting to a greeting guy at the festival who it turned out had spent four years from 1992 - 1996 with the Korean embassy in Pretoria!!

It was a delightful evening - once again I was astonished at the sounds that can be generated by the zither I think it is called - see the pic of the Mongolian musicians. The place was packed and once again - amazingly - the honoured guests present were mentioned and the firat was the Sought African ambassador - I think they said Gloria Parks - I caught a glimpse of her but did not go and introduce myslef as Mkrk was edging to leave at the end so we exited while everyone was still dancing on the stage. The participants invited members from the audience to join in the last number - exactly as had happened in Nepal when I attended a National dancing festival at the Chitwan national park last year!!
The pic says it all!! - the lady wearing the national dress of Koera at the entrance to the
Yong theatre at the National Museum 

The performance I enjoyed most - incredible sounds from what look like fairly crude instruments

The national Museum

View from the top of the steps seen in the photo above - once again the Seoul Tower and Itaewon
where we live to the 'right' of Namsan park 

Another view from the steps at the entrance to the Yong theatre - a golf driving range 

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