Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tuesday 16th September - a la Tues 9th Sept

Well ... it feels a little like the honeymoon is over..... not that Seoul is not a good place for the Ramsey family to be. but this week has been tough with many demands and challenges - but I jump ahead!!

So I have started writing so many time since last week - in my head that is but have n't got thoughts to the key board!!! Used to be pen to paper. I was in the eye of the storm when I last signed in. So the eye passed by and the moving trucks arrived - three of them parked in the drive. They worked all day and then returned the next day to continue to unload and then unpack boxes. There was a woman dedicated to unpacking in the kitchen - she spoke no English but was quite accommodating, especially as she had to repack the pots and pans and casserole dishes in different cupboards the next day.

Once again the pics can tell the story!

Two of the trucks

So efficient - they lined the walls and covered the floors to protect them while moving everything in

Morgan unpacking in her room - a delight to see her reconnect with old friends!
 But here you see the problem - more boxes than space to unpack them into!!

Luke's work station - the moving company pasted the lists of all the boxes (2 they moved onto this long board and
Luke checked off the numbers as they came in. Many were redirected to the store room downstairs!!

Dining room table on site!

First pass at lounge arrangement - the movers graciously gave one three chances
 to re-position furniture - as in - to change one's mind!!

Some of the stuff that sadly got damaged or soiled in transit. A lot of Luke and Mels' clothing was also covered in mold.
They are now faced with the paper work of claiming.

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