Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tuesday 16th September

So we continued to work very hard to bring order into the chaos that was now number D 1 Itaewan Villa!! It was particularly hard for Mel as she was not able to take any time off when the container arrived and the unpacking happened. We were doing pretty well - from fitting Korean plugs onto South African appliances to hanging paintings and figuring out which shelves should go where. We have been able to include a play area for Morgan and Seren between the dining room area and the lounge area. It was all beginning to take shape, with boxes being brought up from the store rooms downstairs as we could sort them and make decisions about where the contents would be placed or what should be turfed or stored for use later when the girls grew into what ever it was.

So our little jaunts came to a halt as we tried to sort out home. I find that it takes far more effort now to keep everything tidy as there is so much more stuff and of course so much more that has not yer found its home!!

During this time, Mel has been struggling with a strepp throat and finally had to resort to antibiotics. Then on Saturday, Luke went on a downhill mountain biking run and hit a rock and came hurtling over the handle bars, landing rather hard on his left shoulder. Long story short - he has at least 5 broken ribs, blood on the lung which has pretty much dissipated by now, bruised lungs and a dislocated shoulder. Really heavy as of course it had put an end to his cycling for a good 6 weeks. On the home front of course it means no more picture hanging, carrying of boxes, little sorting of boxes, lifting of children. He has amazed me with what he has been able to do - for example shower Morgan - a great relief as its quite exhausting to have to bath both Morgan and Seren each night!!

Then on Monday Morgan woke up feeling very poorly - so Luke took her off to the university hospital. She was put onto a 4 day course of antibiotics which together with the fever and sore throat has resulted in a very scratch and rather contrary and whiny Morgan!! Not helpful especially as Luke is not able to dress her or play madly with her as she is used to - they have a very physical relationship.

Then today, we thought Morgan would be ready to go back to school but it turned out that she woke up with rings under her eyes and "stoned" eyes!!  In the meantime little Seren started yesterday with a rasping cough, running nose and watery eyes. So today we took her off to the hospital that Morgan had been to on Monday and Luke had been to on Saturday and again on Monday!!  I went with him as he can't get Seren in her pram, in and out of the taxi on his own.  Anyway Seren saw a pedeatrician who spoke English. Her temperature was 38 degrees. She has a strepp throat and acute bronchitis. He did not want to put her on antibiotics as she is so young so we were very relieved. Poor little thing was not well by the end of the afternoon - it was quite scary knowing that er temp could spike to quickly. Anyway between Luke and me, we were able to sort out administering the meds and suppositories  so that now they are both asleep and hopefully will have a settled night!

So all in all - we have had a trying week - interesting though is how many times this week, we have made plans which at the last minute get derailed.

I have gone through a lot of introspecting and reflecting in this week - will elaborate on this later,

Luke in hospital before he checked himself out!

Luke wearing the correct brace after he had seen the professor on Monday

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