Saturday, 26 September 2015

Saturday 26th September

Well what a great Pru day!! I set off at just after 11 am to catch the train from the Itaewon station - got there just in time after the up and down and I mean steeeeeeep up and down from the house to Itaewon smain road where the station is.  Luke loaded a subway app onto my phone so I was able to track where I was and where i was headed as he had punched in the departure and destination points. So organised with exact times it will take to get from A to B and the number of transfers plus when the next rain is due!!

So I went off to watch the WTA tennis held at the Olympic Park where the games were held in 1988. It was absolutely thrilling. I was in my element watching these women beat the shit out of each other!!!! I could not believe the pace of the ball and the strength of the shots - back and forth. I was close enough to hear them muttering - about 4 metres I guess and a couple of rows above the court surface level. The were not top seeds which made me even more awestruck as heaven knows what the pace is like when Seren and Sharapova play!! The top seeded player to enter was Sloane Stephens who was knocked out by Aliakzandra Sasanowich ( I think her name is) - anyway I watched Aliak knock out the number 2 seed in the tournament - Anna Karolina something!! What a slinging match - anyway I had such a good time that I am going back on Sunday for the finals. I then watched the other semifinals in which the number 1 seeded player soundly beat the Belgium girl, Alison vanutyk. (sp) So its set up what looks like a super final.
Proof that I was here!!!! Not that well attended  though - not a great shakes sport here!!

I remain fascinated by the dependency on the electronic devises - a random shot in the subway on the way home.
 I reckon at least two thirds of people one sees are busy on some electronic devise!!!

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