Thursday, 24 September 2015

Friday 25th September

Wow I can't believe that it is 9 days since I last blogged!! Not at all surprising given what we have been going through - no kidding, its been a tough time for everyone with me experiencing some cabin fever interspersed with will this ever end type feelings!! But as we well know - this too shall pass - what a great homily to repeat as one faces the drudgery and sameness of how one's days can be if one dwells on these aspects - life is such a mental path I find - not what the circumstances are so much as how we deal with the circumstances.....

So to the status quo on this rather hazy but still very pleasantly warm morning...Seren is asleep. We moved her cot into my room after Luke's accident as he couldn't tend to her at night - difficult then for him to get out of bed unassisted!! And Mel was not well on top of having to spend very long days at work.  Very thankfully Seren is back to being her wonderfully sunny and contented self - we saw the pead (sp!!) on Monday again - he gave us more medication - which is an absolute nightmare to get into her, but told us we could stop giving it to her if she was better. So Tuesday evening Luke and I made the call to stop as we felt it better that she took her bottle which she would do if there was no mooti slipped into it!!!  Morgan is also much better, with very little coughing. What a difference - one forgets how nasty being sick and on anti biotics can make little ones behave!!  Luke finds he gets tired and waks up feeling pretty sore but he has been able to get back on his exercise bike in his bike room so that has helped keep his spirits up. Mel has been away on business in Singapore all week but thankfully arrived home laste last night feeling s lot better - she left on Monday full of cold and feverish again but there was no question of her not going!!

So things are certainly looking up - wonderfully through all of this - I have not succumbed to any of the lurgies doing the rounds. Nancy was in yesterday - quite expensive but as so worth it - it works out at about R 1000 for a full day (in this case 8 1/2 hrs). So I spent most of the day sorting out Morgan and Seren's play area. Very satisfying for me of course!! Heaven knows what is still lurking in the boxes downstairs in the store rooms! Luke took a huge pile of stuff off to an organisation Mel heard about - Unwed Korean moms - so that was good - he is now able to drive which has also made a difference to our mobility. All the clothes and shoes arrived back from the cleaners this week as well = more sorting out!! Fortunately they were able to remove all the mould. Of course, as we continued to unpack we have discovered more soiled clothes/shoes. They have a month to put in claims.

I had a fun time on Tuesday evening. Luke took one look at me and told me to go out for a drink (once the children were down of course)!!  So I took myself off up the hill and found what they call a 'hole in the wall' restaurant/cafe I guess. So tiny - about 2 meters wide and long which seats about 14 people. I sat at the table on the pavement and if I stretched my arm out I could've touched cars driving past!!!  It was wonderful and just what I needed - I polished off 3 beers and a very processed meal called cheesy toast while skyping a few friends. I then rolled back home down the hill - there was a beautiful half moon and all felt wonderful.

So the other excellent news is that Mel has received a visa registration number for Memory. So  Memory now needs to go into the Korean embassy in Harare for an interview and then there are a few days after which they can get her plan ticket!! Very exciting - I can't tell you how many times I thought during the last ten days or so - if only Memory were here!!!! The other great news is that we have found some one to kitty sit so John is on track to come out - hopefully in a couple of weeks. So much to look forward to while being mindful of staying in this moment and not being guilty of wishing one 's life away!!!!

I will see if I can add a few pics below but in the meantime will post this in case madam Seren wakes up before I have finished!! Morgan has a play date this afternoon so there should be time to get back to this later. Luke and Mel went off for an appointment this morning after which Luke will drop Mel back at work. Monday and Tuesday are public holidays. In fact Morgan has no school all next week. I am going into the school on the 5th October to spend time with her class at group time. It seems the school welcomes parents / grandparents to read, tell stories or do an activity with the children. I am going to do some grace and courtesy activities - how to carry a chair, a table, close the door, interrupt some one, hand scissors - who knows we'll see what pans out!!!

Thank you to those of you who have dropped me lines about the blog - it seems it is not possible to make comments??? Amazing to think that this time 2 months ago we had not left SA yet!!!  

I got quite excited when I saw all the stuff in these 2 pics -
I was looking for new bibs for Seren (and toys!) - no such luck - these are all for dogs!!!!

Luke's play station / sanity spot!! He cycles on the bike set up on a stand (see the handle bars on either side of the fan that cools him down while he watches where he is riding, e.g. some place in the States or  on the road from
Glen Cairn to Camps Bay!!!

Morgan and the ever patient 6 yr old Max from upstairs - climbing a tree in the garden. Some trees have a sign that reads
"Do not climb a tree" on them!!!

Funny faces - Morgan, Max and younger brother Oscar. They have a 3 yr old sister but the girls are so different -
Greta is into Princess Sylvia lipstick etc - Morgan into Thomas Train - so little love there!!!

The moment that our tower collapsed - just too high Nana!!!

Sisters forever....

My really healthy lunch - I love the smoked salmon, then added pineapple, rivc and black beans, tomatoes,
cheese and of course Nederberg Lyric which I stumbled across!!

Seren in front of the mouth watering display of desserts at the French Baguette where Luke and I
enjoyed a pre-lunch snack in Itaewon main road on Thursday. 

Morgan's side of the playroom in the area between the lounge and dining room areas.

Seren's space!

and again

Same again - watch this sapce I am about to launch myself!!

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