Sunday, 4 October 2015

Saturday 3rd October

So things are certainly moving right along here...... the best and big news is that Memory is en route!! She did all she had to do - quite a daunting task - organise family affairs on her home front, bus from Bulawayo to Harare, check into a hotel, find the Korean embassy and get all the paper work and interview process slotted, then catch a bus to Jhb from Harare.  Well done Memory we are delighted and can't wait for her to get here on Tuesday evening.

Today I woke up feeling pretty rotten - no doubt a combination of too much wine last night and a bit of a googly tum! Anyway I handed Seren over to Luke at about 7 am and went back to sleep. I then slept while Seren had her morning nap. Everyone went out for lunch while I pottered around feeling much better. We then achieved the much desired trivector!! Seren and Morgan asleep at the same time! Luke and Mel got stuck into the store rooms downstairs and sorted out the remaining boxes - much excitement as we rediscovered the last of the toys and the winter clothes Mel had ordered from the UK for the girls, plus Memory's box. So we are feeling pretty satisfied after a productive day. Luke is out with the cycling guys and Mel and I are chilling at home.

Yesterday Morgan and I went to an amazing place called the Teddy bear Zoo, with Georgia her friend from school and Katie, her mom. It is on the second floor of a VERY upmarket mall - quite expensive - about R 300 entry for me and Morgan so not somewhere one would go every day!! It was Disneyland on steroids!! Everything was artificial - there were life size teddy bears dressed in parks board type uniforms dotted all over the place. As we walked in there were surfaces - like wooden planks with tree logs to sit on where the children worked in their own space that had a virtual book with different animals on each page. They chose the animal they wanted to colour in, which they did by choosing colours to then draw in the outlines of the animals with their fingers.  They then had to touch the scissor icon to "cut out" their drawing. After this they swept their hand over it(threw it away!) and it suddenly appeared on a screen where it joined the other animals in the jungle!! So Morgan was able to watch the fox she had coloured in, walking around under the trees in the jungle!!! They could also email it to themselves and print it out at home!!! There were enormous animals for them to ride on, steering along the track - Morgan chose to ride on a rhino but lasted all of a minute before she wanted to get off. Georgia was on her lion for rather longer! Then there were foofi slides which they called monkey slides and a kangaroo trampoline and a place where they could play with large construction vehicles - see the pics - need less to say they had a ball.

Geogia and Morgan in the wide walk ways of the mall
A couple of the life size animals for the children to ride on
The farm yard animals
The shopping centre was something else - so luxurious - all the fittings and finishes - with many western ranges and English everywhere!

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