Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Wednesday 14th October

So it is here finally - DEE day!! Thought I could get a wee blog in but Seren is stirring so guess it will be very wee!! Luke and Memory have gone off to the embassy for Memory's alien registration interview or maybe to just collect her AR card which is the final bit of paperwork they need to do - YAY!!

I bid a tearful goodbye to Morgan this morning - me tearful - altho she didn't see them because that was my last time with Morgan for a while and her because "I don't want to go to school nana!!" She knows I am going on an aeroplane to see John today - didn't quite spell it out to the extent of  - so I won't be here when you return from school.... but her comment when I mentioned that I was catching a plane tomorrow (last night) was "And I am going on the plane next week!" So I said she would fly next year but before that nana Sue and Bampi were coming to see her and next year John and I will come back again - she then added "and Loqi" (our 15 year old kitty!!)  We then had a long discussion about why Loqi would not be coming - with many why's after each answer!!

Luke, Morgan and I played school last night. She suddenly said we had to go into her playroom (bedroom) for a lesson. We were told where to sit and how to sit with crossed legs - much discussion and concessions because I can't sit with crossed legs!!   More later as Seren is now chatting in her cot and is definitely awake!!!

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