Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Wednesday 7th October

So today we have Memory's hands to help us! It was so sweet to see Seren and Memory together again this morning - as if no time had passed since they were last hanging out!!

This morning in the play area - Seren wearing Morgan's 12 - 18 month baby grow pyjams!! -
we have a tall gal here that's for sure!! Seren turned 10 months old on the 2nd Oct.
After Seren's nap this morning, the three of us took a stroll up the 90 degree slope to Namsan Park!! Memory pushing Seren's pram. The park is really very close, just up this impossibly steep hill but nothing that someone who has been around for less time than me, cannot manage!!!  We hung out in the rest tent at the Children's Forest playground where Seren sat happily playing with her toys while Memory told me all about her trip. The only hiccups were at the Korean embassy in Harare where she was told she had to come back in 4 days rather than the next day as we had been told. She immediately phoned Mel and while she was on the phone to her, a Korean woman appeared who confirmed that memory was correct - she then took Memory's papers and asked memory to fill in forms and told her to come back the next day. Memory and I agreed that this is exactly what so often happens in government offices - certainly in South Africa - where people just accept what they are told - that they must come back another time - power and control mentality!!

The second hiccup was at check in at ORT airport where she was asked for the letter of introduction and her work contract - these were in her case as she thought that she had only needed them to get the visa number and that all should be OK there after. So once again she got onto the phone to Mel who emailed a letter of introduction and Memory's contract straight to the person at the desk. 10 minutes later Memory was given the go ahead to board! The wonders of this techno age!!

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