Friday, 9 October 2015

Friday 9th October

So we didn't get to the supermarket yesterday and instead set off after Seren's nap this morning - very comfortably in the wagon!!

Here it is fresh off the assembly line!! This how people park their cars here - always reversed in, ready to drive out

Proof - 39 k's on the clock!

Not much space for shopping et al once Seren's pram is in place!! Seats 8 and 9 are jump seats here in the back 

View from the front passenger seat past 2 car seats in 2nd row, to 3rd row, passenger seats, to back - boot area or jump seats

The madams in the carriages awaiting lift off....
Memory and Seren in the Lotte market - the big supermarket where we do all the food shopping. Between the two of them they created quite a stir....just curious on lookers, most of whom ignored Memory in their preoccupation with Seren's  blue eyes!!

After a mammoth shop - we went to an American pub type steak house called Benningan's where
Seren had her first restaurant food - she loved the chippies!! After she had had her own lunch brought with us!!

The family sitting down to lunch!
 A super outing - after the shop Memory and I went off to get her a tracksuit at the pop up shops outside the mall. We found a top and bottom that looked good together. Thereafter we set off home.

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