Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Thursday 8th October

So yesterday when Morgan arrived from school, we went straight from her bus to the Swing park - Memory pushing Seren and Luke, Morgan and me on shank's pony!! The days are lovely at the moment - a definite chill in the air though, hinting at what lies around the corner. Will continue later as I need to get Morgan's lunch started.

So this is now later - we had a lot of fun at the park with Morgan climbing all over the jungle gym and monkey ropes - Memory will have her hands full watching both of them when she is on her own but I have no doubt she is up to it - she was often at the park in Rondebosch with the two of them and once Morgan has something explained to her she is usually happy to follow what she is told, so in thus case - not that high, I can't manage you  - I always say - "Morgan that is something you will have to wait to do with daddy!!" - usually climbing into the upper branches of the tree here in the garden.. Seren is so close to crawling - I am very glad that that will be Memory's challenge and not mine!!!

Last night was lovely - to hear the peels of laughter from Morgan and Memory while Morgan took her bath - they were singing 'Shosalosa' but a so-called naughty version that Morgan learnt at her old school.

I am now sleeping on the huge loft sofa in Luke and Mel's room - it was the best option and is working fine. Seren is back in their room and Luke has now put a nail in the ceiling to hang Seren's mosquito net from - shame she has been badly chowed by the dam mossies, and has three inflamed bites on the left side of her forehead.  They don't seem to bother her though.

So last night Mel arrived home n the monster!! - their huge black 9 seater car. It had 39 kms on the clock and was covered in plastic. Morgan and Mel had a great time ripping it all off this morning. Luke then drove the three of them off to Morgan's school as Mel did not have to go into work today and decided to use the opportunity to spend some time at Morgan's school. Morgan was very happy in her new spot as she is quite a bit higher than in the other car and so can see a lot more. The windows in all the cars here are tinted so its impossible to see her from the outside. Luke fetched them just before the children had lunch and nap so right now they are both having a nap together before Morgan goes off to Georgia's for a play date and the rest of us go shopping - mainly to find food supplies for the house and Memory so she can prepare her own meals and also to look for winter clothes for her.  I spent some time with Memory and Luke this morning while Seren was napping, looking at some of the  Montessori material that we bought for the children and explaining the how and why and when of playing / working with them with both children. Seren astonished me yesterday by picking and placing a ball inside the round hole in the roof of a wooden box. The ball then slides down the base of the box which has a ramped floor and out an arch in the side of the box where it is caught in a pen like space with low ridges on the sides.  She repeated the action 21 times - this adoring granny was observing her and counting. The genius of Montessori to create an activity that a child Seren's age can manage and succeed at, as well as allow for the child's need to repeat the action so many times.  It is wonderful to see how dextrous Seren is becoming as she makes her choices of what she wants to hold and what she wants to reach out and grasp and by any means get to .......  We have sorted out the two sets of shelves on the two play mats so that it is safe for Seren to have access to the bottom two shelves.  I have really enjoyed getting the play areas organised. It works very well for them to be part of the lounge / dining room area. Morgan has her train set in her bedroom so it is fine for her tracks to be set up permanently. I now know all about Thomas and Gordon and their mates!!

Nancy is here today so all is looking pretty spruce!!!

So this time next week I will have just landed in CT - how exciting is that. The only thing is of course, I am already placing more value on the little hugs and times of closeness I have with Morgan and Seren as the day of departure gets closer!!  Nope, don't lets even go there!!

One of Morgan and Seren's favourite games is for Morgan to throw her beach ball covered in as Luke said "A whole lot of different Disney princesses!!" at Seren - it usually bounces off her face or head and then Morgan throws it again amidst peals of laughter from Seren - see the short video below - Morgan pushed off once she spotted the camera!!

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