Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wednesday 9th July

Have just spent the last hour doing a majorcrehaulbof our hotel room here in hotel Panarama in Leh. I hear Ponty's (my mom) voice saying"If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly!" 

I woke up yet again with an incredibly dry mouth - in fact I wake up at least 4 times during the night with this - it feels as if my tongue is swollen and thereby not a drop of saliva anywhere. Mia our new found  Australian nursing  friend told us to give the room a good dust, to sleep with the windows closed, to dampen surfaces and to take some rehydration mooti. During the night did actually take two lots of some  powdered stuff we brought from Nepal but she reckons that it is so dry here and as well as dusty so it is easy to get dehydrated. So I am on a mission to drink more and to get some decent rehydration tablets. 

Today we have a free day from the Kalachakra so Jen and Mia are off to visit the Royal palace and then to do quite a hefty walk up to the Tsepo Gompa a monastery overlooking Leh. I'm planning to chill at the hotel, do some reading on the teachings and catch up on my blogging. 

So I an now sitting outside in the sunshine having had the remains of last nights really good cashew encrusted breast chicken for breakfast. Here is a pic of what I can see from my seat in the shade in the terrace in front of our section of the hotel. Our room is on the top floor just right of the window on the top right . 

I am now blogging on a couple of days before today.

So as usual the rest  of my day turned out differently. After some reading I set off to watch the movie I had heard was being shown at a meditation centre about 15 mins walk from the hotel. I got there to discover it was being shown at their other centre on the other side of town. So I mosied around and took a few pics. I will see if I can load them here with a little explanation as needed. 

A guy lives in this tent and runs a laundry business outside his tent. Note the washing festooned all over the bushes and fence and his electrical system plus where the water from his washing machine ends up- in a hole under the board in front of the  machine!!! He has a two plate hot plate in the entrance to his tent powered by a cord from his washing machine and the light bulb hanging from the tree. And we thought it was bad in the townships!!! I hope you can see the detail - that's my shadow in the first photo!

This calf was eating the piece of card board right on the side of the road. 

I had to include this advert! And this one

So eleven sleeps left and stilluch to experience! What a lucky girl I am. 

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