Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sunday 6th July

We got up in time to set off at 5.30am to find a taxi. Once again - auspiciously(!) we found a taxi waiting outside for a couple staying in the hotel. It turned out there was room for us as well - a win win all round. So we all set off and arranged that the taxi pick us up at 5.30 each day so we could get to the venue well before teaching started at 8am. What a pleasure to not have to walk and hail a taxi and then haggle over the price! 

We found our tarp happily where we had left it reserving our spot and settled down for the prayers and celebration of HH the Dalai lama's 79th birthday. A whole bunch of dignitaries spoke, giving thanks for HH and then there was Richard Gere speaking on behalf of the west! 

So that went on for a while - we heard the translations on our head sets. HH then thanked everyone when suddenly there was a commotion - some woman was approaching the stage in a trance. - it was so interesting as she was allowed right up to HH where she did full body prostrations before becoming unconscious -  she was carried off the stage by the guards - fascinating as at no point was there a feeling of fear or panic that she might be out to harm HH. 

Amazingly soon after that another man came bumbling up to HH, escorted by more guards, he too was in a trance and this time it seems HH recognized him as the reincarnation of some 7th century person- he too was carried off unconscious! All in a days work!!

HH then launched into the first of his teachings on the understanding of emptiness which is critical to receiving the Kalachakra empowerment. He speaks in Tibettan which is simultaneously translated into 12 languages which we hear by tuning into our particular frequency. It is then translated over the loudspeaker into Ladakhi. 

The teachings ended at about 11.30 and we joined the masses to move with the flow to the agreed upon meeting spot. Well I waited for ages for Jennifer and Mia but no sign of them, I then went to where the taxi had dropped us - no luck then back to the original meeting place. I figured they were together so were fine - Jen could rely on Mia's sense of direction as Jen's is not great!! I then started walking in the hopes if finding a taxi. Some old Tibettan guy on a dodgy but working car stopped and offered me a lift - I asked if he was going to Leh - no but on way!! So on I jumped and was treated to a your of the Tibettan resettlement village with throngs of colour fully dressed Tibettans engaged in selling, socializing, eating together, and doing household chores. The women and especulislly the little children dress up in all their finery wearing colorful Tunis made of beautiful rich brocade fabrics in deep blues, turquoise, read , and greens, decorated with dragons, birds and Buddhist icons. Amazingly most of the women wear quite ornate and very impractical shoes with heels!! 

Well my old man took me way out of his way and dropped me at a bridge over a river. With some difficulty we managed to close his passenger door snd then he was gone! I asked for directions to Leh and was pointed in two ways - one a road the other a dirt track - I chose the road altho I thought I recognized where, on the main road, the dirt track might emerge. 

I walked for ages, stopping on the way to buy a coke - cheapest one thus far! I continued walking til the road turned right into what liked like the outskirts of the built up area. There was a sigh stating there was a IRs 500 fine for washing cloths and vehicles in this water!

I stopped walking and when vehicles drove past indicated one person to Leh!
A couple of young Ladakhi guys picked me up - there was a very old Tibettan  looking man in the front. They drove through the village which seemed to be a  pretty up market area,. We exchanged pleasantries as best we could. They then dropped off the old guy at the bus station  and took me right into the town. I went off to Jet Airways in the centre as Mont the guy at our  guest house in Delhi who is collecting us on the 14th said we should check our flight as he reckoned the time had been changed. Anyway surprisingly it was closed. - it being Sunday n all!! 

Do I caught a taxi back to the hotel, and minutes later Mia and a very tired Jennifer arrived! She was quite distressed about us missing each other altho she kept telling herself that she knew I'd be fine!! We have been joined at the hip for so long and this was the first time that we had no communications or idea of where the other was! 

We all slept for a whole but then my tum started playing up again so I opted to stay home while they headed out on what turned out to be one hell of a buying spree- not good influences on each other those two gals!! They then met up for supper with an Anerican contact of Jen's from the research she is doing. I in the meantime spent the rest of the day watching tennis and being kind to my tummy!! As it was the Wimbledon final I was, all things considered, a very happy camper! 

I went to bed deciding that I would be kind to myself and lie in and give the teachings a miss in the morning. 

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