Monday, 14 July 2014

Sunday 13th July

Well it's now our last night here, the Kalachakra empowerment is over and we leave Leh tomorrow morning. We were hoping to get an early nights sleep but there is a whole gang of men outside chatting and playing a guitar and singing!!! We're on the third floor but they are in the terraced area outside and are getting noisier and noisier! Interestingly enough it looks like there is only mineral water bring drank - I can't figure where they are from and there is no TV in sight!! Have had another look and there is some golden liquid doing the rounds?? Jennifer just shouted out the window"go to sleep!" We then heard another voice shouting  "we're trying to sleep!!" Our taxi arrives at 5am and this morning we were fetched at 5.30 as well for the last day of the teachings. Jennifer's not well - has developed a hefty cold and cough so she didn't come through today. She 's not been well for three days now and is dosing herself with all the homeopathic meds we have between us. 

I am still trying to assimilate what the last four days have meant to me. The whole empowerment ceremony and teachings  by the  Dalai Lama has been quite something and my feeling is I'll write about it later. The sheer effort of getting to and teturning from the venue was incredible and the numbers moving before and afterwards was extraordinary. Wecwerectokdctodsyvtherecwere 150 000 people there of which some 6700 were foreigners from 73 different countries!! The whole two weeks went off without one untoward incident- quite something. 

I am having a lot of difficulty staying in this moment as everything inside me is saying "This time next week all the time!!" And where will I be - with john at Luke and Mel's house getting Morgan ready for bed!!! Mel has sent me pics of her new room - it looks fabulous I can't wait to see it and of course her in it! 

We fly to Delhi in theorning and are being collected by Moony the guy who runs the B n B a friend from stellenbosch told me about. 

Well it sounds like the men are turning in so I'm going to follow suit and leave my spot on the passage! I moved a chair from our room outside so I don't disturb Jennifer. 

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