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Sunday afternoon 29th June

I am continuing the previous blog here as I can't figure out how to write after the photo! So we reached a place called manakana where there is a cable car that goes from the river to the top of the very high hills to a village which has a Hindu temple. The cable car is very modern and for Nepal, amazingly efficiently run. The views of the valley and the river and the winding road were spectacular. It boggles the mind to consider how the stones and everything else needed to built the small bustling village at the top were got there! 

The temple was absolutely a smallish structure with all the usual ornate statues and bells and little fires and candles burning. This is apparently a very holy place for worshiper so to come and give their thanks to the gods - there was a wonderful feeling of peace and quiet joy in the people who were waiting in a long queue that snaked its way back up the streets. Everyone was holding gifts of food, flowers, and get this hens and roosters and goats. In fact there were lots if goats at the entrance to the village at the top of the cable waiting to be bought by the faithful. There was no sadness that they were about to be slaughtered as to be sacrificed firvhe 'cause' is a great honor sobthey goat was receiving really good karma for it's next life. 

We wondered around this rather shabby place filled with stalls selling cheap toys and trinkets - it astonishes me that all these shop owners can make a living selling virtually identical things! 

It was swelteringly hot by this time so wecwere very grateful to get back into our airconditioned car for the last leg bsck to Kathmandu. This was the fourth time I had driven this road and I was very pleased to be in the car and not a public bus especially as we saw a  couple of trucks and a bus that had somehow ended up upside down at the bottom of the bank next to the river! 

It really is pretty hair raising driving here even though our driver was a careful driver, one overtakes on bends relying on being able to see if it is clear or on the driver of the vehicle one is passing giving one the all clear!! 

Once again though the drivers are so amicable - road rage doesn't seem to happen here as the drivers constantly accommodate each other giving way and  taking the gaps- impossibly narrow as they are!!

On the way back to theonastery, we picked up Jennifer's outfits being made by her trailer. Easiercsaidvthan done as the trailer is on a one way street and it took us ages to find the correct access to it. In fact at one piping the driver who had already been given directions by the tailer  whom we phoned, asked a couple passing lamas  (monks) the way - the older lama told the younger one to hop in and take us!! He ended up driving with us for about 15 mins until we finally ended up in front of the tailed shop. It would have been far easier and certainly quicker if Jennifer had walked! 

So finally home again after a great few days away. This was when I realised that I could not remember what I had done with my travel voucher with all my tickets in it!!! Panic stations as I thought back to when I had last had it!! Anyway in the morning Pema the head monk phoned the nunnery toasks them to look on the drawer of the desk in my room / but no such luck; hotel premium said they didn't have it so that was it!! Jen pointed out that with that it wasn't a train smash as I had my passport and we had the e versions on her lap top!! Honestly it seems I am he'll vent on leaving bits of me all over Nepal. I then discovered that I had left my diary in the room at Bandipur!! Loskop!! On reflection I reckon that I am not sitting regularly enough and so sm not as centered or together as I am when my practice is happening. 

So I ended up not getting much sleep that night as I started to pack at midnight because I thought I might have to go to the nunnery in the morning to fetch my travel pouch! 

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