Saturday, 12 July 2014

Tuesday 8th July

So we caught the taxi again at 5.30 am - the other couple in the hotel sent a message to say they wouldn't be joining us! It had been incredibly hot according to Jen the day before and today threatened to be even hotter. HH walks the final section to get to the stage and so I joined the throngs to get a glimpse of him lose up. I took a video which I have not yet down loaded but is isvyhrilling to see him this close - I keep on thinking of Madiba at times me how incredibly fortunate we were to have lived at the same time as such a man as him. 

I found the second part of the teachings pretty heavy going as they are all about a letter written to someone which HH explains which we hear translated   - we have been given a book with the same content but the book does not follow the same order, nor are the verses mentioned my HH numbered on the book.  We had arranged for our taxi man to pick us up at 12.30 but sadly it was well after 1pm by the time we found each other - we arrived back at the hotel exhausted and hot - one has to wall with an umbrella all the time. In fact we sat under Jen's umbeltella during the teachings even tjough we were under shad cloth! 

We were on line when we returned - miracle of miracles! So I whattssapped Mia's cell number to john as we had still not spoken since a few nights before we left Nepal. Wonder of wonders, he got through - so great to catch up - he pointed out to me that I have lost 10% of my body weight!! I would not be surprised if it is not more by now - I feel as if I am wearing a body skin two sizes too big for me!!!! Not the prettiest sight!! Will have to hit the Blue Water Cafe and the Lighthouse and Dixie's and Deniz's  cooking as soon as I get home!!!! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading a commentary on the kalachakra empowerment which we bought here. It is really clearly explained and I am quite excited by it. 

We went out for a super meal at a place called Bon Apetit and ate like kings. - no liquor though - all for the princely sum of IRs 500 which is about R80. We walked home in the moonlight and fell into bed very happy chappies. 

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