Friday, 4 July 2014

Wednesday 2nd July

Morgan turns two today! Happy happy birthday darling child - I do miss my family so much and realise how important it is for me to be in contact with them! Thank goodness for whattssap as this is now my only means of connecting. Jen bought a SIM card for her extra phone in Delhi but it turns out it only works in Delhi!! Our hotel phone is totally hit and miss - I think it's reliant on the power supply which is off more than it is on!! 

We woke up latish - I felt very flat, feeling that our hotel is so far from the centre of things and that I didn't have the energy to walk - the power was off so the bathroom was too dark to see to shower,  how did we register for the kalachakra and where and when - I just wanted someone to tell me what to do!!! I felt incredibly restless and pretty claustrophobic - a feeling as well of not getting enough air into me. Jen suggested we watch some tv to take my mind off my discomfort and disquiet, which helped but eventually I decided to walk all the way down to reception to see what I could find out - and it happened again - I asked a guest if she knew any details and long story made short - she was taking people into to register in a couple of hours! So we got a ride with her into the centre of town, she told us what we needed to have to register and showed us where to register!! So success - once again the universe supported us with me meeting the right person at the right place and time and asking the right question!! 

So things changed from then - we had direction and assistance - we sorted out registration, then bumped into some guy English guys who directed us to get head sets, then we went grocery shopping but once again I felt so very tired I had to find a seat in the store! We then walked to a hotel where we had been told that a talk ion the kalachakra was being given. Well what a find as well - it was very informative and it lifted me completely. - so much so that I was fine to walk all the way home/back to the hotel!

We watched Rafa play Nick Kryios from Aus. We turned into bed before it was over, with me feeling very contented and pleased to be here. I was able to sleep well under the down duvet, setting the alarm for an early start in the morning. 

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