Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday 14th July

Well here we are at Leh airport having been checked and full body frisked a number of times. They even require one to check one's luggage against one's boarding card before it is loaded onto the plane- at least we know the bags will arrive with us!! Miraculously or rather auspiciously the combined weight of our check in bags was 30.1kgs - absolutely on the nail!! 

So last night was hopeless - I am really learning stuff about myself on this trip!!! One's  petty but real neuroses are constantly being shown up!! So I find I often get into a state if there is, in my opinion, not enough air in the room!i or if there's not enough light, or if my mouth is dry! Or if the dogs are barking or there are people talking outside the window or if the extra pillow supporting my legs is too big or hard!!' So all  of these frustrations cause me to get up and wander sround!! Add to that the trips to the loo, plus Jen's coughing (which is actually the least of the issues!)! and it equals a night without much sleep! 

Oh woe is me - just retread the above - such an unhappy camper! And as the Buddha says everything changes, nothing is permanent and so it was! 

We had a super flight enjoying the mountains and the good service of Jet airways.I enjoyed tea as I like it and gobbled down some outrageous chocolate chop cookies and acknowledged, without guilt, that I am a first world gal!!!!

It was great being back in Delhi airport - so clean and clear. Because in ordered food on the plane, I was given a free "gift" either a wonderful pearl necklace earrings set (not quite me!!) or some kind of recharging device and all I pay is I Rupees 999 (about R200) It turned out it was incompatible with my I phone do I left it but not before the guy tried very hard to sell me some gold bling!! 

We found our driver waiting outside who brought us through pretty heavy but very controlled traffic to our BnB. So thank you thank you Muxsie from Stellenbosch who put me onto the BnB Chrysalis- the only place to stay in Delhi!!! Absolutely a home from home and so what these two rather jaded women needed!! After unpacking - well my pattern, Jen's pattern is to connect up her PC- we headed out  into the extreme heat for a walk up to the wait for this - local mall!! So not what either of us would do normally but we needed to find an ATM but here's the thing - we were like two kids in a candy shop as we wandered around oohing and aahing  at the familiar sights - Starbucks, eating places, even clothing shops all so western!!!  We completely surprised ourselves! 

Mony, the BnB owner, had invited us to join him and a couple of other guests for an Indian meal at the BnB. It was wonderful - especially as he had asked us previously about any dietary requirements! So the food was wheat free for Jen and not too spicey for me!!! We even had wine which is the first wine I have had since the flight to Kathmandu! A wonderful evening capped by my receiving phone calls from my sisters Beulah and Kathleen and later a call from John. 

Mony  is in his early 70's and is utterly charming - well travelled and eloquent. We met George or rather Jorge a neurologist specializing in stroke patients who is from the Phillipines who stays at the BnB and is able to walk from here to his hospital. Sandra, from Columbia, completed the party - she has stayed here in the past. 

Mony arranged for us to be picked up by a driver at 6.30 to be taken off to Aggra - oh the joys of organization!!! 

So we slept well in our great beds in our great airconditioned room in our great home with our great full little tummies!! 

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