Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Saturday 5th July

Another great nights sleep. I wake up to blue skies and low clouds slowly burning off the mountains in the distance. As I sit here looking out the window I realise that in fifteen days we will be back home. I think about the view I will wake up to on the morning of the 21st - The blue  sparkling waters of False Bay. The yachts lapping in the water, dogs running on Long Beach or maybe a driving winter rain - who knows but that is then and this is now and I am here so this is where I am - here in this present and in this moment and I rejoice in this being here now. Thank you ....  

It is a week since I have spoken to John as the SIM card Jennifer bought in Delhi works only in Delhi and our hotel surprisingly has no contact number. I am so grateful for the contact with home through whattssap altho even this is reliant on my being in a place that has wifi. Jennifer is able to get on line in our hotel room but for some reason my I phone doesn't pick up the signal. It's wonderful to have contact with Josh who posted a video of himself singing happy birthday to Morgan on Wednesday. He and KL have moved in with a shaman and his family. KL's broken arm is mending - she took a tumble on her bike a couple of weeks ago - so hard as it is her right arm but they are good and happy. Luke and Mel are thriving. Mel is now showing her pregnancy and looking so beautiful and glowing with health. I continue to be treated with greatly appreciated and much anticipated photographs of Miss Morgan  - such happy shots of her always busy! I can't wait to see her kitchen which was her second birthday present. I do wonder where it has been installed?? 

I miss contact with Beulah as well, especially as she is going through a particularly challenging time as she undergoes this third lot of chemotherapy. I am so grateful to her wonderful friends and of course Zorah who I know are there to support her. I spoke to her on my last night in Nepal which was a gift especially as she sounded so upbeat and full of courage. 

I am still reading The Snow Leopard  by Peter Matthiessen and in some ways feel that Jennifer and I have too climbed a mountain and are now coming down on the other side except in our case the next  eight days potentially represent the highest peaks of our mountain? However having said that, one thing I know I have learned on this journey has been  to do with expectation and expectations and how they play out in my life! So, as much as I can, I consciously attempt not to expect something to be this or that but rather go ahead and make a plan or have a goal, as small as it might be, then be open to how 'it' plays out ... 

The cloud is lifting so here is a photo of what I see from our window- certainly the name of our hotel lives up to expectations!!! Hotel Panarama!! 

I will continue to write about today later...

But in the meantime I include this photo of what is stuck on the back of the door into our room. This is especially for you John!! 

I am about to enjoy a cup of tea and breakfast. We bought a small immersion heater which I put in my metal water bottle to heat up the water. I will then have rice baby cereal mixed with warm water, sugar, nuts, raisins and a little cream bought in a cartoon! Delicious! 

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