Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tuesday 3rd June

So am writing this retrospectively as have not been able to blog for a few days! 

Thanks for the encouraging feedback re blog.

So Jen moved rooms tues - things like this assume enormous importance!!! Moving involves a major cleanup which involves purchases! - mop, bucket, cleaning agents, brush..... Newspaper for the windows and this for a room that Ben the Aussie had just vacated which he had cleaned before he moved in!!! And the monastery isn't a construction site like the nunnery was!!

 I went off to teach - I hit on the bright idea of taking my camping chair with me as there is no teachers chair or desk. It worked brilliantly when I had the children sitting in a group on the floor. No doubt it's getting easier and I finally feel as if I am doing something for the boys. On the afternoon I went off prepared to teach class 11 only to find a nepalesecteacher in there who suggested i teach class 111 where it turned out the French girl Manon was teaching so I gave up and went back to my room! It really is hit and miss - probably a combination of volunteers swanning in and out and local teachers not always showing up!! 

Tum still shakey - but felt like I had turned the corner so was glad the doctor adviced me to wait another day! 

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