Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Monday 2nd June

Not a happy chappie today - even phoned the VIN doctor to describe what I am experiencing - he was very sympathetic - top marks in the bedside manner department and suggested uvwait another day before starting antibiotics.iraculoudly I felt well enough to teach the second morning session which went pretty well. The boys are understandably very reluctant to talk English. I have decided that it will be very useful if they knew the alphabet in lower case which will help them read without having to rely on memorising everything. So wd are playing games and doing more chalk writing on desks but now using the dusters I found to erase their writing  - a much cleaner affair!!

After lunch Jen and I headed out to the VIN office to tell them that we feel we could be of far greater service to them if I was working more with teachers and if Jen were working for VIN doing editing or improving their website. Well the result is that I am off on Wednesday to stay for two nights with a family in the community where VIN has a number of preschools to observe for three days and ascertain their needs and how I could help the teachers with a view to holding a workshop with them next week. Haleluia! Jen is coming with me on Wed and then at some stage going to visit the other community projects (health, toilet building, waste management) that VIN is involved in so that she can write about them and also interview volunteers and write about their experiences. She is thrilled. We will continue to stay at the monastery and teach a couple of days a week . 

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