Sunday, 22 June 2014

Friday 20th June

What a pleasure - I woke up at 9.15!! And enjoyed a great leisurely start to the day. Jennifer and I sat in the splendid shrine room after which I called our friendly taxi to pick me up to take me to the place where I had left my little note book yesterday ... I am asking myself why ii seem to have a need to leave things behind... Am I needing to mark my territory!!! Or she'd dome stuff... John says simply"iIf you take something out of your bag, put it back again!" Simple stuff.... Well we went all the way, the driver managed to stop at the little shop only to find the shutters down!! So that's it - he then took me to the VIN office for the monthly volunteers meeting. Very fruitful and interesting as most of the volunteers present were teaching in monasteries spread around Kathmandu. All mentioned the difficulty of teaching large groups of different abilities and ages - the most successful experience was a Canadian girl who has based her teaching on the soccer World Cup - so clever. 

So I am to run the next one day workshop for the teachers from the private schoolson Sunday at 10.30. Sadly the numbers of the people in the first Montessori school I visited are in the missing notebook do I can't tell them about it. Once again I will arrive an hour before the start not having seen the venue!  

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