Saturday, 7 June 2014

Saturday 7th June

So today was Beulah's birthday and we spoke! So I was able to sing happy birthday to her - YAY as she phoned me. Yep I now have my own Nepalese phone. I was given one at the office yesterday - I guess when they heard that I had potentially been stranded! So it was wonderful to chat / she is about half way through her chemo and doing mainly ok. 

Today was a very chilled day spent at the monastery - washing a mountain of clothes and just regrouping. 

I am catching the bus to the office in the morning - a first from this side. It involves a walk down quite a steep road and then the big trick will be to be sure that I catch the right bus!! I am going to sit up front near the driver - hopefully the bus will not be too crowded as they can be absolutely overflowing with bodies holding on everywhere but I will be getting on I hope near the start of the journey!! When  I get off I will call Om who will come to me rather than me walk to the office which is an awful walk along a road that is busy having it's insides and outsides removed and replaced!!! Ha ha! So watch this space! 

John keeps saying that he is waiting for me to say that I am enjoying myself .... Well maybe now I am about to!! 

The other thing planned is a trip to the Chitwan National Park next weekend 13 - 15 th where we will ride on elephants. Then the workshop is on the Monday 16 th and 17th . Jen and I are also planning a trip to Pokhara where hopefully we'll see mountains at last! 

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  1. I agree with you and hope you can start enjoying what you are doing more. are you getting emails.what address?love tertia xxx