Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tuesday 3rd June

So not surprisingly I slept well last night - a relief as generally I have not been sleeping that well. So I went off to class after my baby cereal feeling pretty chipper! Into ok my little camping stool so that I could sit on it while the boys sat on bye floor - worked like a charm especially as I took the blackboard off the easel and      Propped it against the wall next to me soni could write the beginning sounds of the animals I pulled out of the bag. The boys loved it and I felt as if we were finally getting somewhere. YAY! 

Teaching here is very hit and miss - I have read what previous volunteers have said in their diaries recording their experiences   - really a case of being thrown in at the deep end with very few guide lines and the ever present wide range of abilities in English not helped  by the boys reliance on rote learning and total inability to do things as individuals! That said though I am beginning to learn their names and see them as individuals and have more fun with them.  I certainly haven't bonded with them the way I did with the girls. It just feels like too many of them. 

It is incredible to think that it is just overvthreecweeks since we left SAvand in fact just three weeks today that we have been in Nepal. What a roller coaster ride it has been. So many emotions, so many adaptations, so much self reflection and testing of comfort zones and coming slowly to get a glimpse of what Buddhism means by dissatisfaction - Jen read what Chogyam Trungpa had to say about it! Sobering and revealing as one sees how self focused we can be and become! 

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