Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thursday 22 may

So Jen  and I have escaped to the luxury of the Gokarna Forest Resort down the road from the nunnery again! Needing some food that is not too spicey (for me) and wheat free for Jen. So I am tucking into chicken breast- yum! It looks like we could be moving from the nunnery to a monastery which is not as basic - the main thing will be a little kitchen where we can prepare our food - I would be very hesitant to prepare food in the kitchen at the nunnery - one enormous food encrusted gas plate, one dodgy small pot - it's rather like the places I used to visit in deep rural SA - no fridge. The extraordinary thing is the oldest nun/girl is about 16 max and she heads up the 60 kids who do all their own cooking, cleaning, washing in a place that is under construction so is really hard to keep clean. So we will have a look at the monastery on sat. I am really distressed at the thought of leaving the children as I have not surprisingly really connected with them and I know they will be sad as well. Our lessons have been fun but utterly exhausting as we are giving out all  the time so feel  completely drained at the end of each two hour session. No doubt we will get smarter with time and also when we pick  more resources when we visit the VIN centre Fri pm- all the volunteers gather  there for a meeting and socializing.

The thought of packing and moving all our stuff is awful but so be it. The nunnery is in a very run down area - in fact everything around here is pretty tired!! Except of Course this 18 hole golf course resort which was the Nepalse royal families hunting lodge. 

Am going to post this before I lose it  - hopefully there will be wifi at the monastery so we don't have to go out to find it. We tried to find a hot spot last night but to no avail - we're sent from one grubby place to the next as we negotiated our way through mangy dogs foraging in the streets and cows wandering aimlessly and young men strutting their stuff and woman sweeping side walks and stirring huge pits, even saw people drawing water from an ancient looking well on the side if the road on our way herey- so much to see, so much that is different - so very definitely out of our comfort zone!!! 

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