Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day two in Kathmandu 14 May

So woke up nine-ish after an incredible nights sleepšŸ˜³can't remember when lastI had  such a sound uninterrupted sleep! Hmmmm.... Before babies!! Had omelettes for brekkies in our hotel - 8 stories with 3 rooms on each floor plus the roof so we will get fit walking up the stairs as there is no lift - we're on the 4th floor. The steri pen I bought in CT is working a treat keeping our drinking water pure. It's taking some mindfulness to stop ourselves from turning on the tap in the bathroom when cleaning teeth and also to remember to keep our mouths closed when showering! Try it!! Slept again before setting out at fourths to explore. It's pleasantly warm out, the air doesn't seem polluted but we are wearing face masks when out - many of the locals also wear colorful masks so we didn't feel too stupid! The streets are narrow and potholed but surprisingly clean with tiny shops selling everything and more on either side/ a feast if colour with masses of pedestrians, two wheeled rickshaws, hooting motorbikes, hooting cars all competing for a way forward through a couple of meters of space - chaotic but amazingly peaceful. We westerners demanding our right of way can learn much from this calm acceptance. We stumbled upon Basantapur Durbar Square- amazing architecture depicting mainly Hindu faith. On the way walking back to the hotel we came across another small square on a side road which had a buddhist stupa in it which was lit up with disco type lights!! We wee pretty pleased with ourselves at finding our way home .. So a super first day easing ourselves into our new life. We start the oreientation with VIN (volunteering in Nepal) tomorrow morning. 

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  1. Boyokusha, an' all! Sounds far too busy for a boy from the 'burbs. Y'all have fun, unless you have other plans. Tha JR