Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday 16th May orientation continued

So our fourth day in Kathmandu draws to a close as we sit on the roof top of our hotel listening to the night city waking up. The weather is really balmy now,though a bit hot and still during the day. Our hotel is full of volunteers from all over- Denmark, Canada,USA, working in different areas - health, community, women empowerment,early childhood besides teaching English. It seems that an American Montessori trained teacher was here and helped the teachers in the ECD centers introduce  Montessori activites so they (VIN) are keen for me to visit the schools and meet the teachers for a day or more for refresher training which I will love. They were very excited about the cash I had brought and suggested it go straight into the ECD centers. So I' ll keep you all posted. We are keeping very well thus far- eating masses of rice, pasta, noodles and veggies. We continue to be ultra vigilant with the water. I reckon I am getting fit willing up and down the 4 flights to our room and the extra 3 up to the roof top! I am certainly not so puffed as I felt on the first day! My new stylish crocs are amazing and no doubt have made walking a breeze! 

We completed our Nepalese language lessons today 😣 this will take time! We also had a couple of hours on "how to teach eng" An impressive presentation with lots of ideas which I can add to. It seems Jennifer and I will be team teaching which is great. Tomorrow us a day of sight seeing, then Sunday we set off on an overnight trip to Nagarkot to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas ... Wowee did I just say that!!! We finally start wukking on to everyone 😍

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  1. Read all three posts so far Pru. great to be able to journey with you. it really sounds promising so far and so excited for you on what lies ahead. Love Tertia xxx