Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Kathmandu at last

So we're here! Long but mainly uneventful flights with major stress in Jhb because my case weighed 33.5kgs! Managed to reshuffle everything and did some major weightlifting of my back pack which now weighed in at just under10kgs.... Hmmm go figure?? Flying into Kathmandu was incredible -precipitous green mountains densely cultivated on the east facing side in rice paddy type steps with tiny hamlets perched on the ridges with myriads of dirt tracks crisscross sung everywhere- the mind boggles on how people get about - people talk about how many days walk they live from Kathmandu! The Premium Hotrl is fine A minute space with no cupboard but a flush loo and shower AND a roof top table where we were served supper under the full moon while enjoying an enormous Everest beer. But free wi fi in hotel. We have tomorrow off and start orientation thurs, Kathmandu remind me a bit of Lagos - motor bikes everywhere with most people wearing masks. So all looks good for an amazing adventure. Love to everyone need to collapse into bed now..  

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